125 websites to find a job in Australia

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPage

Finding a job in Australia is not hassle free for international students, backpackers as well as new migrants. In fact, it takes a time to get a job (might take 1-2 months) though one has good community networking and friends circle already residing in Australia. Though there are community initiation …

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Work in Australia as International Student

Work in Australia as International Student - NepaliPage

During their study, almost all students work in Australia to maintain their living expenses. Being an international student, you can work twenty hours a week. To be able to work in Australia, you must have working right. International students applying for a visa in Australia receive work permit along with their …

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Reasons why Nepalese in Australia unable to find a proper job

Reasons why Nepalese in Australia unable to find a proper job - NepaliPage

Australian job market promises wide career opportunities yet finding a job in Australia for non-English speaking nationals(like Nepalese in Australia), it’s a bit tough. Despite having required qualifications and expertise in your field you might be disqualified. Because employers are not only looking for skilled employees but ones having a good …

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Packing checklist for Nepali migrants to Australia

Packing checklist for Nepali migrants to Australia - NepaliPage

Moving from one country to another and migrating from one place to another within your country is totally different. The kind of Packing also varies in between these two types of migration. You might need a day or much more to make your packing list. On the former kind of …

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6 reasons to Study Australia


Australia has been ranked as the second best country to live in terms of life expectancy, education and per-capita income. This ranking clearly shows Australia delivers the best education. Due to the excellent education system, Australia is the third most preferred nation among international students to pursue higher education. Not only this, …

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Workplace rights in Australia for international students

Cafes and Restaurants are major employers for newcomers and international students so don't hesitate to ask if there is position vacant. Don't forget to take a resume with you always while roaming around your locality.

Getting a work while staying in Australia is important to support your study and living expenses. Work, that too in foreign land helps you to be independent and confident. Before you start job hunting, you should know about working conditions of your visa. There are limitations on working hours international …

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कलेज र कोर्ष चेन्ज: करिअरलाई दिनुस जोड


यूनि तथा कोर्ष चेन्ज गर्ने क्रममा कहिले काहीँ विद्यार्थीले सस्तो कोर्ष पढ्ने नाममा गलत छनौट गर्न पुग्छन् जसका कारण उनिहरूको भिजा समेत क्यान्सिल समेत हुनपुग्छ नेपालमा जति आकर्षण हुन्छ अष्ट्रेलियाको त्यो भन्दा बढी चासो हुन्छ भिजा लाग्छ कि लाग्दैन। अनि आफुले चिनेका को को कुन कुन एजुकेशन कन्सल्टेन्सीबाट अप्लाई गरेर …

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Why you should migrate to Australia?

5 reasons why Australia is the best country to move in - NepaliPage

A new country, new people, new lifestyle, new environment and many new and challenging things are waiting for you while you relocate to a new country. You have a well-settled life back in the home still, you risk that. You are aware you have to start from the zero level …

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Know how to rent a room in Australia

Know how to rent a room in Australia - NepaliPage

The very first thing you have to do after landing in Australia is finding a place to live in. Finding a place that suits your budget matters most. Well, rental cost is naturally higher in Sydney, Melbourne. Thanks to the booming construction market that has made renting easier as well …

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Check these websites for a job in Australia

Check these websites for a job in Australia - NepaliPage

Most of us Nepalese students eagerly want to join a job slightly after landing at Australian Airport. Not only us it’s most of the international students, backpackers, and other working visa holders wish to get a job, just after landing in this country. Because we have to cover all our …

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