More than 800 Nepalese Unlawfully Staying in Australia

A media report revealed over 800 Nepalese citizens in Australia are staying unlawfully. The report further states most of these unlawful overstayers are international students. According to a news report on, most of those overstayed Nepalese in Australia stayed back much beyond than their student visa lets to stay as …

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Top Tips for Credit Card Comparison in Australia

Top Tips for Credit Card Comparison in Australia - NepaliPage

Turning into an student frequently implies growing up and figuring out how to have an independent perspective. Yes, it implies going to class and getting book-shrewd, however there are more than a couple of life lessons tossed in there also. Like how to manage cash – and all the more …

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Clear all the 7 Bands of IELTS With These Effective Ways

EACH BAND 7, dream score in IELTS for a significant number to all the candidates since it opens the entryway of chances to move briefly or for all time in English talking nations, for example, Canada and Australia. Individual from creating or less created nations who are wanting to examine …

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Tax Deductions for Aged Care Professionals

For those of you filling in as an aged care professionals or providing some related service, there are times when you need to pay for a specific business related thing from your own pocket. All things considered, there is some uplifting news. You have to monitor each one of those …

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5 Must Visit Places During Your Trip To Australia

The place where there is the kangaroos and the coral reefs-Australia, beat the agenda of many travel cracks in the current circumstances. Arranged between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, it is the littlest mainland of the world additionally, the most marvelous magnificence that will abandon you flabbergasted. Australia houses …

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The Right Approach Towards PTE Preparation

Planning for PTE Academic? Here are practice materials - NepaliPage

English is the most widely recognized dialect in Australia. Very nearly eighty-one percent of the aggregate Australian populace talk just English. Global understudies or workers are along these lines required to demonstrate their proficiency in the English dialect. It is after all essential for living in Australia. Australian Government has …

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Top 10 Nepalese Restaurants in Melbourne Victoria

Craving for some Nepalese food in Melbourne? Check out these ten amazing places in Melbourne to savour your taste buds with some authentic food and cozy ambience. But wait, that is not the best part! All these places are priced under $16-$35! Take a look. Momo Station As the name …

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