Skills required to be enlisted for a job in Australia

Australian job market is quite competitive where one needs to be efficient and smart enough to get enlisted. It’s the next great achievement after graduating from Australian university with an internationally recognized degree. A job in Australia lining in the field of study leads towards better career prospect with Australian …

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Sick notes from Chemists on rise

Employees have been indulging in getting sick notes from chemists for taking leaves from office on account of being sick. Skipping the long lines at a GP’s place, people are now opting for the easier way by taking sick notes from pharmacies. This changing behaviour has alarmed various employers about …

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60 websites to find a job in Australia for you

Prepare a good resume to be employed in Australia - NepaliPage

Nepalese Students might feel quite different and difficult in early days while they approach for a job in Australia. For some it could be frustrating, they might be stuck and question other actually ‘how to find jobs in Australia?’ and it could be frustrating to some. Because, you might not …

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SA to Reduce Public Transport Fares

A good news is on the way for South Australia as the government has decided to cut down the area rates for public transportation. The new fares will be the cheapest in the country as told by the state government. The benefits will be especially for the frequent travelers as …

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Mini Adventures in Hobart, Tasmania

Tasmania, a beautiful place in Australia, no more hidden away from the adventure seekers. Tasmania is a much sought after place by international students because of its scenic beauty, world-class education standards and for the haven that it stores within. Being one of the most populous places, Tasmania gives an …

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New Study on Australian Cars Reveal Unreliability of Air Bags

Following a study conducted on the safety of Australian Cars, the federal government has recalled cars fitted with Takata Alpha airbags. This is by far the largest call back in the Australian car industry when the government has asked the car companies to call back the ones fitted with the …

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