DOTM resumes Nepalese Driving license application registration

In Nepal, the Department of Transport Management (DOTM) started registering license applications online for the test that need to pass to obtain a Nepalese driving licence. DOTM suspended the driving licence test and application process due to the severe spread of COVID 19.


As a developing country, Nepal has many challenges ahead. New technologies led to a rush towards an online system for public services due to new inventions. They make tasks more accessible, more convenient, and more efficient. Officially known as the electronic driving license and vehicle registration system, the government recently started registering driving privileges online. Smart cards have also been distributed in major cities as a replacement for licenses.

The Government of Nepal, Department of Transport Management, has recently published a notice regarding the online driving license form registration. Nepali citizens who qualify for a driving license are kindly requested to complete the online driving license application form as instructed below.

Driving licenses in Nepal will be available via an online application from Tuesday, 2077/09/14 after a series of fundamental arrangements have been made to meet safety-related criteria set by Nepal’s Health and Population Ministry.

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DOTM resumes Nepalese Driving license application registration - NepaliPage

Information about the Online Registration for Driving Licenses 2078 B.S

The Department of Transport Management began accepting new driving license online registration applications for driver’s licenses on 2078/07/09. If you would like to apply for a driving license, you can do by clicking here.

As per its capacity, the DoTM has decided to allow a certain number of applicants. COVID-19 pandemic had forced the suspension of the application process in April.

An applicant must achieve 60 points out of a possible 100 points to pass the written component of the driving exam, which has a score of 100.

DoTM’s 500-question bank, previously released, will be used to ask objective questions.

Furthermore, the applicant will also be evaluated at the trial phase using the new scoring system, in which they must get at least 70 points to pass.

Due to the new scoring system, applicants will no longer be automatically disqualified for even the slightest mistake, as in previous trials.

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Nepal’s driving license application process

What is the procedure for filling out a driving license application online in Nepal? Nepal’s driver’s license application process was never more straightforward. There are 77 districts in Nepal where the government distributes driving licenses. In addition to the broad categories of licenses, there are also subtypes.

Still, for personal use, the most useful are categories ‘A’ (for motorcycles and scooters), ‘B’ (light four-wheelers), and ‘K’ (scooters). In addition to Category A, you can also apply for Category B.

The validity of a Nepalese driving license is only five years after it is issued. License holders are required to renew their license after five years have passed. The following steps show you how to apply for and obtain a Nepali driving license.

  • Registration
  • Online Application Form
  • In-Person Form Fill-up
  • Form Submission Transport Management Office
  • Written Test/Exam
  • Driving Skill Test (Trial)
  • Getting the Smart Driving License Card

Vehicles to be registered and tested for driving licenses

It is possible to register for a vehicle driving license online in several ways. A smart driving license must include at least one of the following vehicles:

  • A-Motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds
  • B-Car, Jeep, Delivery Van
  • C-Tempo, Autorickshaw
  • C1-ERickshaw
  • D-Power tiller
  • E-Tractor, Trailer Tractor (Low Bed)
  • H-Road Toller, Dozer
  • H1-DOZER
  • I-Crane, Fire brigade, Loader
  • J5-Other
  • K-Scooter, Moped

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Nepal’s online driving license, New License Form 2078

The online system for registering your driving license application in Nepal makes it easier to submit it quickly and efficiently. The application for a driving license gets registered from 2078/07/09 without standing in a long line. In addition to managing the previous records of a driving license, the smart license in Nepal may also assist traffic managers in identifying the status of license holders.

Government offices are also able to go paperless thanks to the online system. The system has experienced many technical difficulties since it was first launched; however, we should welcome this online system to enhance the management of driver’s licenses in Nepal.

Online license registration timing for 2078 BS

Online form registration is open from 6 AM to 10 PM.

  • Forms are only registered if quotas are available.
  • Maximum allocation permitted for a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, based on biometric date)
  • There is a mandatory field for Category and a non-editable field for Mobile Number.
  • Upon expiration of the appointment date of the visit, re-registration will only be possible after 15 days.
  • Those who fail their exams will only be able to re-register after 90 days.
  • The application and license status gets checked via the CHECK STATUS window.
  • Please type the following information and send it to 33001 on your mobile device to know your written exam results. WT <space> <Applicant ID> where <Applicant ID> is a number assigned after Bio-metric
  • Type the following information and send it to 33001 from your mobile phone to find out if your smart card has been printed LC <space> <Applicant ID>


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