What is the procedure for applying for a Nepalese driving license online?

It is now more systematic to get a driving license in Nepal. You can apply for a Nepalese driving license online.


Kathmandu has become an important city for getting around, and a valid driving license has become even more crucial. Nepal was the first country to issue a driving licence to a woman in 1952, Machhari Chitrakar. The first licence was issued to Gopal Khopase in 1921. Back in those days, licenses were issued by the Department of Transport Management. However, since 1984 that job has been taken over by the Department of Transportation Management.

The department is now distributing digital smart licences. The department removed the traditional paper licence system in 2015. Then another version of the smart license got introduced where the information related to identification information is stored on the electronic chips.

It is now more systematic to get a driving license in Nepal. Every province of Nepal has an inlined licence distribution program. Driving licences are divided into many types, from A to K, and each has its subtype. Still, categories A and B (both four-wheelers and motorcycles), and type K (scooters), are the most useful for personal use. It is also possible to apply for both Category A and B. Upon issue, Nepalese driving licenses expire after five years.


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COVID 19 at a Glance: Effects on the Nepali driving license distribution


Upon implementing new rules for the driving license test, the Department of Transport Management will begin in mid-July 2021. In mid-May, the new rules got prepared to go into effect. The department was unable to accept applications and conduct tests due to the lockdown in most districts brought about by the increase in cases of Covid-19. There are reportedly fewer rules on the test compared to the previous version. Each applicant will be asked 20 questions from the hundreds of multiple-choice questions the department has published for written tests.


Practically, the department says mistakes will result in a deduction of marks from the 100 they assign. An applicant who scores no lower than 70 in the final score will be considered qualified.

You can use the following guide to complete the application and obtain a license.

What is the procedure for applying for a Nepalese driving license online - NepaliPage
People are hopeful to get streamlined service through Nepalese driving license online system. Results yet to be seen.

What are the requirements for getting a Nepalese driving license?


#1. Registration

For a Nepal driving license, you should visit your nearest transport management office. The following options are available:

  • Online registration process:

On December 25, 2016, the Department of Transportation began accepting applications online. DoTM website includes a link to the application system. Your next page will consist of a form to fill out, where you need to complete all the fields with accurate information.

Upon completing this step, you will be requested to complete a verification, where you will be given the DoTM’s date for further processing. When you visit the office of the DoTM, you need to bring the verification page with you.

  • Physical presence in the application process

Two forms can be obtained from the DoTM office, just outside the premises. For Rs 25, you can purchase a driver’s licence and a medical test form. All essential information must be filled out on both documents then submitted for processing.


#2. Submission of forms


It’s necessary to submit the form even though it’s completed online. In addition to taking your digital photo and collecting your signature, the office staff takes a digital photo of you. A scanned copy of your citizenship certificate and an official stamp without a denomination of less than Rs 10.


Your biometric information is submitted. A check for colour blindness and blood type are conducted after that. You must complete all the tasks between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm on working days. An admit card and receipt are provided after a Rs 500 payment is received for a written examination.


#3. Writing test for the driver’s license application


You will sit for your written exam the next day after you finish registering. It is essential to bring an original citizenship certificate, your admit card and a receipt to that office. There is generally a half-hour time limit for the written exam. A minimum of 10 correct answers is required to qualify for the evaluation (trial). They focus on transportation laws, traffic regulations, and driving mechanics. As the test begins, the instructor explains every aspect of it.

Result announcements are made the same day after 4 pm. At the entrance gates of the concerned offices are posted the names and registration numbers of candidates. The cost for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers will be Rs 500 if you pass before taking the driving test (trial). The registration form can be reapplied for after 90 days with the same procedure from the beginning if you fail the first time.


Taking a driving test (trial)

A driving test is scheduled for you once you pass the written exam. An examination of this sort is usually scheduled every day, but the office sets a time for you. If you pass the test, your admit card is sent for the driving license. To visit the exam centre, bring the original of your citizenship card and the receipt of payment. A retest is available 30 days after you fail. In the event of a third failure, you will have to reapply and begin the process from scratch, with new fees and fines.

Cost of obtaining a driving license in Nepal

Exam fees are Rs.500.

Blood and eye tests cost about Rs.200.

After passing all exams [to obtain a new licence], an additional Rs.1500 need to pay.

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What is the procedure for applying for a Nepalese driving license online - NepaliPage
Finally Nepal government take step to deploy Nepalese driving license online system to make service delivery friendly and quick to the public.

Do not forget to take your Citizenship, your driver’s license (in case of adding categories), a recent passport size photo, your Driving School Certificate for a vehicle and a blood group card, and some cash in case anything goes wrong.

The prices are subject to change; please refer to the website before applying.

Online Smart License Print Check-in Nepal: Find out if your Nepalese driving license online whether its ready to pickup


Are you a Nepalese driver who has passed the driving license exam? Are you wondering if your license is printed or not? Is that right? The online driving license status is checked here. Enter your information for smart license print checking in Nepal. You will need your full name and license number. After submitting your card for the trial pass, you will receive your license number on a receipt. The next step is to check your license status. The date on which your license is printed is provided to you. Your Smart license will be ready to pick up a month after the date you received it at the transportation office. Verify that the License number you have written is accurate and be very careful.

The following information is for anyone concerned about the opening and closing times of the DOTM in Chabahil. The transportation office of Chabahil is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, while on Friday, it’s open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The online smart license verification procedure

If your license has been printed, you can also send an SMS for only Rs 5 to verify this.

Please type ‘LC *space> [Application ID]’ and send it to 33001.

It is important to note that license IDs are Applicant IDs.

Application ID/License ID should be formatted as 01-01-00056897 or 010100056897.

When you make payment for the license, you will get your License ID on your bill. It may take a few months until your license has been printed. Please keep track of its status from time to time.

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