How to get a driving license in Nepal?

Driving is an essential skill these days as commute became essential. To pass through hustle and bustle of undependable public transport service of the country every job goer has to possess a vehicle in Nepal. And, to have a ride that you need driving skills as well as a valid driving license. Since 1921 Nepal has licensing provision to drive a motorised vehicle. Though forms and processes have been changed core requirements and skills remain the same.

How to get a driving license in Nepal - NepaliPage

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With time, the Nepal government changed the form of a driving license, a paper license is phased out and now the Department of Transport has started to issue digital smart licenses. Nepalese digital driving license contains an electronic chip on it that stores identity and other driving-related information of the holder. You can apply online as well as in the office for a driving license. There is a various category of licenses, but most essential and popular are A, B, and K. A category for motorcycles, moped & scooter, category B is for Cars and light four-wheelers and K for scooters only. 

Here we describe the process to get a driving license in Nepal in easy steps.

1. Submission of application

The first step to acquire a driving license in Nepal is to submit an application expressing your interest in a specific category license with supporting documents. You can do it either online or in the office. If you go for online registration you have to go through the DoTM website where you can find a digital form for its registration system. Once you fill the form and submit it with supporting details and documents the system will print a verification slip which you need to take while visiting the DoTM office for further process.

The other way to submit an application for a driving license is to walk into the DoTM office. You will get forms there in the DoTM office; you will get a paper form to fill out along with a medical test form, which costs you about 25 rupees. After completing the form you can submit it for further processing.

2. Document submission

Even you fill the form online, you have to go to the transport management office to submit your documents and finalize the application process. You have to submit your application verification slip (which you would get while submitting your online form) along with your biometric details. The office staff also takes a digital photo and your signature. At the same they will ask for your citizenship certificate, you need to give a certified copy and a stamp worth 10 rupees. They will check color blindness and blood group on the same day.

All these have to be finished between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, during weekdays. Finally, you need to pay 500 rupees to sit on a written examination. Once you made payment you would get a receipt and an admit card for the written test for driving license. 

3. Drivin License Written-test

Usually, a written test for a driving license occurs on the next day at 7.00 am after you finish your registration for the driving license test. You have to present your citizenship, admit card, and the payment receipt for the test.

The written exam generally takes about an hour. In the test, you would get 20 multiple choice questions and you need to answer 10 out of them correctly to be eligible to go for a practical test which is a driving test or trial.

The written exam consists of questions that cover Nepali transport laws, traffic rules, and driving skills. You would get a quick briefing on how the test goes and policies before the test starts. If you pass the written test you would proceed for trial or driving skill test if not you need to reapply after 90 days with the same application process as a new beginner.

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How do know you passed the driving license exam?

Usually, written test examination results released on the same day after 4 pm. DoTM posts a successful candidate’s name and registration number on the notice board (at the entrance gate) of the respected office.

Check your driving license exam result via SMS

Nepali driving license exam results can be retrieved through SMS. To check your driving license written test result you need to send a text including your application ID. Your message should be like: ‘WT<space>Applicaton ID’ and send it to 31003.

Check your driving license exam result online

Another way to know your driving license exam result via DoTM’s website. To check go to this LINK and fill in your details, once you complete the form it will display your result.

4. Driving skill or trial test for Nepali license

How to get a driving license in Nepal - NepaliPage
Once you pass the driving license written exam you would proceed to the trial or driving skill test phase. For that, you need to pay another 500 rupees no matter you are going for a two-wheeler (motorbike or scooter) or four wheelers (cars). After that DoTM officer would fix a time for you to go for trial driving. On the trial day you need to be present with the original citizenship card, admit card, and payment receipt for the trial test. You can use your private vehicle for a trial test to obtain a Nepali driving license. If you do not own any vehicle you can hire outside the trial test area. But, if you fail on your driving trial test you need to pay 500 rupees again and wait for 30 days to re-apply for the trial test. Same procedures again. If you fail three times in trial test

If you pass your trial test testing officer would forward your admit card to order print a Nepali driving license for you. Unfortunately, if you fail the driving trial test you can apply for another test after 30 days. If you fail three times you need to reapply for a written test, which means you have to go through a new process that attracts all the fees as a fresh start. 

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5. Getting a Nepali driving license 

Once you passed your driving skill or trial test you have to collect your admit card from the DoTM office. You should collect it within 35 days otherwise you have to go through a fresh start.

Once you get the admit card to your DoTM office with citizenship card, admit card, recent passport as well as auto size photograph to apply for Nepali driving license. You need to pay a 1,500 rupees fee for category-A and category-K licenses. It will costs you 4,000 rupees if you are obtaining category B as well as A and B.

Once you paid and submitted an application for a new driving license you will be notified when to collect your new license. You can check online whether your license printed or not. Once you passed and applied for a new license print you can drive your vehicle using the receipt. As DoTM and Traffic Police allow driving with the receipt until your license gets printed.
How to get a driving license in Nepal - NepaliPage

Frequently Asked Questions about Nepali driving license

Can I apply for a Nepali driving license online?

Yes, DoTM has an online application system to apply for a driving license. But, you have to present at the office to submit and verify your documents and identity.

What are the documents needed to apply for a Nepali driving license?

You need an application form, citizenship certificate card, some copies of your photos (passport and auto-size), medical test, and eye test report.

How can I check my driving written test result?

DoTM usually posts the driving written test results on its notice board. You can also check your result by texting ‘WT<space>Applicaton ID’ to the number 31003. You can also check online by visiting the DoTM website.

What happens if I failed the driving written test?

You need to reapply for a license paying full fees but you have to wait 90 days.

How many questions do they ask on the driving written tests?

There would be 20 multiple questions asked on the driving written test. You have to answer 10 exactly right to pass the test.

What if I fail the driving trial test?

You will get three attempts to pass a driving trial test. You can apply for another test after 30 days. If you fail three times you need to reapply from the beginning.

How to check if my Nepali driving license ready to pick up?

You can check via text whether your license printed or issued or not. Just type LC<space>Applicant ID and send an SMS to 31003.

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