DV Result 2022 Out, Check your DV Lottery 2022 Result

Finally, the wait is over, whoever submitted their application for the American diversity visa lottery for 2022 the DV lottery 2022 result is published now. The US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs has released the first round result of DV lottery 2022, Saturday, May 8, 2021.

Now you can check your DV Lottery 2022 Result online by filling in your details on www.dvlottery.state.gov.

Thousands of Nepali got American Dream true through DV Lottery

Thousands of Nepali already migrated into the USA through the DV Lottery scheme. Currently, More than 200,000 Nepalese calls the United States home. A significant portion of Nepali reached there through the Diversity Visa lottery program. The majority of the Nepali population in the USA lives in Texas. Nepalese organisation estimation shows New York and California are other popular region for Nepalese to settle in.

Those who filled their entry for DV Lottery 2022 between October 7 to November 10, 2020, now can check their application status. The state website record shows who is selected for further process to award Diversity Visa (DV) which is American Green Card lets work and live in the USA indefinitely.

Every year the US administration provides 50,000 places under this DV Lottery program to provide a chance for foreign immigrants to get into the US and settle themselves.

This is only the first round of the 2022 DV lottery result. You have still a chance to be selected in other rounds.

Your Documents are key for the Diversity Visa lottery 2022 success

Many Nepalese think once they selected in the first round they will get a chance to go to the USA but it’s not true. There are a couple of stages one has to pass through before getting a visa and board to the USA. To make your Diversity Visa lottery 2022 success you must hold a Nepalese passport (passport number, country of issuance, and passport expiration date details already filled while submitting the Diversity Visa lottery 2022) and must have a year 12 graduate. If you claimed as a married person you must have to submit the relationship certificate that proves you been married before you submitted the entry for the Diversity Visa lottery 2022.

A confirmation number is key to check your DV Lottery 2022 Result

Remember, you got one confirmation number while you submitted your eDV entry for 2022. You have printed or kept that in your email I’m sure, now it’s time to check that confirmation number and enter it into the DV Lottery 2022 Result check website.

Only you know, your DV Lottery 2022 Result

Application submission confirmation number which you got while submitting your application for DV Lottery 2022 is the key to know whether you selected or not for the American green card lottery. No other know your status so do not fall behind any rumours and lose your money as well as time.

How to check DV Lottery 2022 Result

Officially DV Result 2022 is out now, you can check your status by visiting The US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs website. There are 3 steps you have to complete Click here to check your DV Result 2022.

Click here to check your Check DV Result 2022


  1. You will see screen same as below then on that screen click on Check Status 
  2. DV Result 2022 Out, Check your DV Lottery 2022 Result - NepaliPageWhen you click on the page would download another page and you will see another page similar as below, then click on Continue
  3. DV Result 2022 Out, Check your DV Lottery 2022 Result - NepaliPageOnce you pass through the previous step you would see a page similar to this third image. Here you have to fill in your confirmation number, your family name, birth year and authentication captcha characters. Once you fill in your details and click on submit you can see your result.   DV Result 2022 Out, Check your DV Lottery 2022 Result - NepaliPageBe mindful if you are not selected this time still keep safe your confirmation number till September 30, 2022. This is only the first round of the 2022 DV lottery result. You have still a chance to be selected in other rounds.
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