Education agents cannot provide immigration assistance in Australia


Though many international students step into Australia with the assistance of education agents, education consultancies are not the place they turn for migration help.

Many international students turn their face toward education consultancy seeking Australian permanent residency-related queries which are not proper. Unless your education consultant is also a registered migration agent s/he can not provide you migration advice lawfully. Besides legal considerations, it’s not good for your migration journey too.

Besides registered migration agents and lawyers only some exempt persons can assist in the Australian migration process. Department of Home Affairs clearly said that ‘Education agents are not exempt persons and cannot lawfully provide immigration assistance in Australia unless they are also a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner.’

Though there is clear legal and practice provision, some students and education consultants are still involved in giving migration advice to their clients i.e., international students. If you are not sure the person you are getting advice from, ask his/her Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN) and check s/he is eligible to give you migration advice. To check Migration Agent’s registration and find migration agent click Here

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Two must-do things while consulting a Migration Agent


  1. Verify MARAN through the OMARA website

Before your sit or book, a migration consultation session ask the migration agent’s details including name and migration agent registration number (MARAN) and check those credentials on the OMARA website. From time to time OMARA takes disciplinary action against migration agents involved in dozy activities and not professional. To make sure you consult with a good character one check if s/he got punished by any disciplinary action. To check whether your migration agent got such punishment or not go through this link (Click Here).


  1. Pay the consultation fee and keep a record of migration advice you got

Many students just pop into education consultancy and ask about their migration ways and possibilities with a random guy. No matter whether one is a migration agent and keeps good knowledge on the topic or not. Another few just post questions on Facebook groups and get bombarded information, no idea genuine or just engaging the audience. Do not do such a silly thing, if you are serious about your career and future in Australia, consult with a proper migration agent booking a consultation session pay the fee. Once you pay their fee and sit on a consolation session, the migration agent should ask for your visa and other details so can provide a tailored solution. Keep a record of the payment, they give you the receipt and advice you got. This makes the person giving you migration advice responsible for their suggestion and action you take on that base. Later, if you got any adverse results you can file a complaint against the agent you consulted.  If you are not happy and have an issue with the migration agent, you can file a complaint against him/her by clicking here.

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Education agents cannot provide immigration assistance in Australia
Australia is the most sought destination for Nepalese Students.

Who can give you migration assistance in Australia?


Registered Migration Agents

Registered Migration Agents who meet certain knowledge and character requirements listed as a Registered Migration Agent on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) website can give you migration advice as well as assist you with your migration process.

Australian Legal Practitioners

Australian Legal Practitioners holding an Australian legal practicing certificate can provide you immigration assistance in relation to Australian legal practice.

Exempt persons

These are the person who gives you migration advice and assistance lawfully and does not charge any fee. They are nominators of your visa, sponsor, or close family member.

Australian parliamentarian, member of a diplomatic mission, consular post, or international organization could give you immigration support legally but not charge any fee.

Another is a person providing free help to you prepare a submission to the Minister can assist you in your immigration journey.

Penalties for giving unlawful immigration assistance

If someone who is not Australian Registered Migration Agent, exempt person, and Law Practitioner and gives you migration advice, runs migration session, and charges you for visa assistance would get a hefty penalty. Providing unlawful migration assistance would slap up to 10 years of jail term.

If anyone is not aforementioned and giving migration assistance without lawful measure you could report them to Home Affairs Department through the Border Watch Online Report system.

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