Migration Australia, Things need to know

We know migration is a universal human activity; people migrate for a better opportunity and lifestyle. Migration to Australia is one of the options for those seeking global opportunities and quality living. If you are thinking to ‘migrate Australia’ and want to know about migration agents as well as have questions about living cost and education in Australia, this article will help you.

About Migration Agents

If you are thinking about seeking help from Migration agents, keep in mind Australian migration agents must be registered with Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. To know whether the agent you are in contact is registered or not, visit its official website www.mara.gov.au

If the agent tells you that you will earn a lot of money don’t believe them because you are allowed only to work 20 hours a week, and most jobs offer you very less. If they tell you that getting a job and permanent residency in Australia is very easy it is totally fake.

Cross check the details provided by your agent about the educational institution. Make sure both of you have signed the commitment paper which will come in use if you have any misunderstanding later.

About living cost and education

The Australian regulations require you to have a minimum of A$18000 per year to cover your accommodation, transport, and food. And it would not be easy to cover all these expenses by your part-time work.
The minimum wage in Australia is A$ 15.51 per hour which changes every year. Most employers pay less than this amount. Many students work for as low as A$ 10.00 per hour and many works for free hoping to get work experience.

Don’t forget to get a written agreement paper from the educational institution before paying fees. Gather enough information about your legal rights under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) framework, which is supervised by the Dept. of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) www.aei.gov.au

Migration Australia, Things need to know - NepaliPage

There have been many changes made to the rules relating to General Skilled Migration leading to Permanent Residency, which can be viewed at www.immi.gov.au Likewise, the changes to student visa regulations can also be viewed at https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/

Since 2010 Australian Government has allowed visas to very a low number of overseas students due to a rising cost of the Australian dollar and harsh immigration procedures. Since December 2011, the Government announced plans to extend eligibility for the post-study work visa. The new post-study work arrangements have been extended to Bachelor, Masters by coursework, Masters by research and Ph.D. degree graduates from education providers authorized to offer degree level programs in Australia.

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