Things should consider while choosing an education consultancy in Nepal

Planning to enroll in the best educational institutes in Australia, whom shall you take help from? Your siblings residing in Australia or Google search engine or Australian education consultancy. Though you scroll every page of the website, information still seems to be incomplete until you visit the educational counselors.  With the most updated information and useful resources, educational consultants cater to clients on daily basis and allow a student to understand the inside scenario of the education system, living standards, and Australian lifestyle, therefore you get useful information.

However, before choosing an education agent to apply for Australia, few background checks are needed. So, here are a few points you should work on before taking help from any educational agents.

Check the registration of education consultancy – There are a lot of cases where students pay a massive amount to educational consultancy and then get betrayed. You will find hundreds of consultants around you and looking out for a genuine one to shape your career might be tough. There are few of them waiting to trap you with lucrative offers, which urges you to make an informed decision.

Do approach a registered educational consultancy. A registered consultant is registered under the norms, rules, and regulations of the Government to assist in overseas related matters such as visas, and immigration. You can check whether they are an official agent of an Australian university or not visiting the university websites the same applies to college and TAFE.

The person behind the business: While selecting an education consultancy or agent to process study Australia you should check who is runs the business. The personality and educational background of education consultant makes a huge difference in what they recommend you. It is easy to become an education consultant for study Australia needs not much expertise and education still, wisdom comes from a mix of everything education, socio-cultural background, travel as well as their worldview. Why some education consultant insists you join cheaper course and college? why other education consultants focus on universities and expensive schools? Check social accounts of education agent what kind of personality he is, it’s most important.   

Visa success rate – Go through their official website. Every consultancy posts their success rate and shares it in different social media. If the consultancy is not much active in the digital platform, then make personal inquiries. Most of the consultancy prepares a slam book to exhibit their visa success. Check their Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and one can also connect with the previous visa gainers from the particular agency. Either e-mail them or connect them in Facebook and get real feedback from the consultancy.

Education Consultancy fees and charges – As they help you fill SOP, application, prepare your documents for visa success, and gather your offer letter from the applied institutes its obvious for them to charge for their service. Get a clear picture of their service charge. Compare the charges offered by another remaining consultancy. For study visas, few of the educational consultancy does not charge any fees as they get their portion of the commission from the university.

Refund policies – What if you don’t get a visa to study in Australia? Do you still have to pay for their consultancy service? Or if you have paid them, will they refund it? Get a clear picture, as you don’t want the amount to drain if you are not awarded with visa. So before aligning for the visa process ask them about their terms & conditions, including their refund policies.

Additional services – If you are the only individual going to Australia, and have no back support, you would definitely want somebody to help you around the cities. So, ask if the educational consultancy has any tie-up with the university students or has agents in Australia who offer airport pick up, apartment or hostel booking, and job placement service. Maybe a mentor to guide you for three months inside the city and make you understand the transportation system, and the working & studying culture in Australia.

Where and how they Advertise: For students its best idea to figure out about the education consultancy is to go through their advertisements. How they advertise and what medium they are using for it is most important. It indicates education consultancy owner’s intention and overview in the sector. If one runs an information session on Australian Education in your plus-two college or sponsors a comedy program it indicates what the education agent’s intention is.

As you are preparing to leap in a stable career, in a new destination, it’s obvious for you to get baffled when meeting several Australian education consultancies. To pick the right one you can make reference to your friends, family in Australia and then proceed with the further visa procedure.


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