Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia

Moving to Australia is a dream of every Nepali. To fulfill your dreams you have to overcome with many challenges. Everything is new over there. You have to adopt a new language, new culture, befriend with new friends and acclimatize with the new environment. It is extremely nerve-wracking. If only settling in a new country was easy, everyone would dare to do so.
The new life in Australia comes with endless opportunities. To grab the opportunities right away, there are many things you need to take care of before you land in Australia. Here are some tips that will be of your help to proceed with your plan of moving to Australia.

1. Apply for a visaGuide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPage

Visa application process is a time-consuming process. It’s better you take your time and start the process early. Visit the website to know more about it.

2. Choose where to live

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPageAustralia comprises of big to small cities offering you different ways of life. It is divided into six states and two territories. Every state has something enchanting in terms of quality life and other services. Deciding where to live should go along with your budget. Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney are top destinations for new migrants. In terms of career opportunities, Sydney is the best city to move in but living cost is extremely high. The exciting life of these cities is alluring but you need to consider your income along with house rent, public transport, and other daily needs as well. 

3. Search for a job

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPageIt might take you one two months to find a job in Australia. So, you can start your job hunting process before you arrive in Australia You can start your job hunting from the Australian government’s website Have your resume and other documents prepared so that you needn’t spend your time polishing it after arriving in Australia. Also, have the necessary documents translated into English. In Australia, you have to adhere to working conditions depending on the nature of your visa status.

4. Decide whether to ship your belongings or not

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPageWhen you are moving to a new country you need many things. You get pretty confused while packing luggage, what to take with you and what not. It would be feasible to carry only the things you need right away after arriving in Australia. Shipping all goods might not be the right thing to do as it will take almost four months for it to arrive. It will be less troublesome and cheaper to buy them in Australia. You can check the cost yourself online. You can also find furniture for rent in Australia.

5. Get health insurance

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPageTo save yourself spending a lot in a time of emergencies make sure to arrange for health insurance before your arrival in Australia. You will need to apply for a Medicare card. If you are not eligible for a Medicare card you need to get a private health insurance.

6. Financial arrangements

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPageWorking with currency other than your native ones is a tricky one. You can use foreign exchange calculator to convert Australian dollars into your own currency. If you plan your budget well you can make the most out of it. You need to organize your budget adequately among all daily necessities before landing on a best paying job. Split up your finance among these things:

Before leaving for Australia

The cost of moving to Australia include transporting goods, travel fares, travel insurance costs.

After arriving in Australia

Find a leased house/unit for a shorter period before you can afford long-term rent or buy a house; Arrange money for everyday needs like food, phone bills, and day care if you have children. You have to travel around so spare money for public transport.

You can also have opened bank account opened online before you leave for Australia and have money transferred to help you get organized financially beforehand.

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