Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Many international students are highly interested in getting a scholarship to proceed with their higher studies. Such scholarships help students to get enrolled in the best universities, and for countries as well as universities, they would get bright and best students from around the world. To help Australian regional cities and students last year, the Australian Government has announced a new scholarship program; ‘Destination Australia Scholarship’. Which would help international and domestic students cost-effectively map their higher education. Students studying in regional Australian education provider would be eligible for this scholarship. Apart from this, there are various scholarships to support international as well as domestic students in Australia, which are definitely worth researching and which provides a generous amount of help funding education your higher studies. These scholarships either wholly or partially cover the tuition fees, including necessary living expenses costs.

Well, applying for the scholarship is an excellent idea to save yourself from high range tuition fees. Still, to achieve one of them as an international student, one must hold good academic merit to stand out from the competition.

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Scholarships for International Students in Australia

There are several destination Australian scholarships which can support the International students financially for the higher studies. These scholarships are offered by the Australian Government, public and private organisation and different education providers. The major scholarship programs available for the international students for graduate and post-graduate studies are:

A. Australian Awards

For 2020, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has opened Australian award scholarship (short course and long course) to more than 50 developing countries at an estimated budget of $280 million. The Australian Award scholarship amounts to a total of 1,985 students.

The prestigious scholarship is an offering given to the next generation leaders who are interested in studying, researching and gripping professional development in Australia.

These scholarships award is for the citizens of participating countries such as Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific for full-time graduate or post-graduate.

Eligibility for Australian Awards Scholarship

To be qualified for the Australian Awards Scholarship, the candidate must:

  • Attain 18 years of age on February 1 of the year of commencing the scholarship.
  • Be a citizen of participating countries (Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific.)
  • Not be a PR holder of Australia, or citizen or must not be applying for a visa to reside in Australia.
  • Not be married or engaged to PR holders of Australia or New Zealand at any period of applying, selecting or mobilising phase.
  • Not be presently serving as military personnel.
  • Not have previously received the Australian Awards unless they have resided for a period of two years outside the Australian territory.
  • Have satisfied every criterion asked by the Program Area or the Government of the applicant country.
  • Have satisfied the institute criterion before undertaking the award.
  • Have satisfied all the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs to hold a student visa.
  • Not have applied for a lesser academic program they have already achieved, instances such as applying for Bachelor level program though have already completed a master’s degree.
  • Applicants on the scholarship application must mention if they have any close relationship with staff employed in any of the program areas for accurate and fair inspection of the application.

Amount of scholarship received in Australian Awards

  • Full coverage of tuition fees.
  • Air tickets -economy air class fare to and from Australia via a direct route.
  • One-time contribution cost, accommodation, study material, and textbook expense.
  • Living expense – necessary living expenses as determined by the department paid on every fortnight.
  • Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) – this is only available to scholarship holder till the scholarship duration. It covers basic medical costs.
  • Pre-Academic Program- before joining the regular academic course, the introductory program should be attained by the students to understand the overall scenario of living and studying in Australia.
  • Pre-course English fees (PCE)- if necessary PCE classes are made available for the students.
  • Additional academic support – only if necessary, to the students for academic success and experience.
  • Fieldwork expense – for course inculcating the research or fieldwork component, one return economy class airfare via direct route is given within Australia or their respective country.

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B. Destination Australia

Destination Australia is the new mobility program available for international and domestic students to study in regional Australia. The ‘Destination Australia’ program got introduced in 2019, March 20 as a part of Australia’s Future Population.

The program expects to promote growth and sustainability to enhance regional and remote Australian education institutions.

It also offers the overseas student an opportunity to explore the high-quality education, training and research in regional and remote Australia. Further, it ensured a shared benefit of $35 billion in the international sector.

Eligibility for Destination Australia Scholarship

Candidates should meet all the criteria before submitting their application. To become eligible for the Destination Australia Scholarship, one must:

  • Be an international student holding a valid student visa.
  • Be a full-time student.
  • Have academic merits to stand out in the competition.

The scholarship amount for Destination Australia

Destination Australia offers over 1000 scholarships to support international and domestic students studying at a regional campus. Per year students are offered $15,000 to help their daily living, and study associated with studying a Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualification at a regional campus.

C.International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) program

The program commenced as a Research Training Program (RTP) in 2017, January 1. The program supports the overseas and domestic students accepting Research master’s degrees and Research Doctorate. Universities qualified to release IPRS are listed in the official website of the Australian Government.

The duration of the scholarship is for three years for the PhD candidate and two years for the Master students.

Eligibility for International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

To become eligible for the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, one must:

  • Be an overseas student and meet the international visa requirement, as stated by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Full-time enrolment for the first year of the program unless the applicant started their HDR a year before or commenced an HDR and terminated it within six months.

The scholarship amount for IPRS

The scholarship fully covers the annual tuition fees in the Doctoral or master’s degree by research. It includes an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the awardee and their dependents.

The IPRS scholarships are very few in numbers and are given to highly competitive students.

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D.Full Bright Scholarship

Full bright scholarships are available to the American citizens for the bi-lateral academic and cultural exchange or to the ones pursuing research or study at Australian university. The scholarship is available in the form of undergraduate & graduate program, post-doctoral scholarships, scholar awards and distinguished chair scholarships.

Eligibility for Full Bright Scholarship

Applicants meeting the following requirements are eligible for the Full Bright Scholarship if they are:

  • A holder of US citizenship.
  • Neither an Australian Permanent Resident or citizen.
  • Currently not living in Australia.
  • Not a dual citizenship holder.
  • Able to meet all the immigration terms & conditions to obtain a temporary wok international relation (subclass 403).

The scholarship amount for Full Bright Scholarship

The Full Bright Scholarship includes full or partial payment of annual tuition fee, a generous living stipend, returning flight to the U.S, and medical coverage.

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Numbers of scholarships available for students in Australia, helping international students access the top-ranked universities and courses, in other side universities are getting best and brightest students for their research projects.

E. Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship

The Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship is for high achieving female researchers from the APEC economies. The scholarship is for research opportunities in collaboration to Australian education and research institutions to promote women economic empowerment in the APEC region and increase the role of women in the technology, engineering, science, and mathematics areas.

Eligibility for Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship

To become eligible for Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship, one must:

  • Be a female citizen or permanent residence of Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Chile, People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand or Viet Nam.
  • Must have no PR or citizen of Australia.
  • Have a complete PhD degree.
  • Provide relevant supporting documents in English.
  • Obtain a nomination agreement with Australian organisation.

The scholarship amount for APEC Women in Research Fellowship

Every year ten fellowships are awarded the scholarship to facilitate research projects. The awardee shall receive a travel allowance of $3000 (Asian) and $4500 (South American), establishment allowance of $2,000, a monthly stipend of $3,000 and family allowance of $1,200 (if necessary).

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