5th drowning case of Nepalese student in Australia frightens the community

On 2020, March 4, Nikit Shrestha, a student of Federation University, Australia, lost his life after the waves swept him in Stradbroke Island, Queensland. Nikit Shrestha’s body was taken out from 200 meters down the sea in Queensland.

According to the NRN chairperson Queensland, Umesh Khadka, the rescuing process started after the five minutes of his disappearance. The dead body of the person at present is in the mortuary of Brisbane. The NRN committee has informed the Nepalese Embassy in Canberra, and to the parents of Nikit Shrestha in Nepal.

Further, the committee has also informed the management of Federation University regarding the incident. The dead body is in the process of being sent to Nepal within 8-10 days. 

Several NRN members such as Amrit Khatri, Shambhu Ghaise, Atul Khadka, and reporter Saral Gurung are sincerely handling the case to deport the dead body to Nepal safely.

Umesh Khadka has shown a genuine concern on the everyday mishaps faced by the Nepalese students in Australia. He has shown great sympathy for sudden demise and the loss suffered by Nikit’s parents in Nepal.

Durapada Sapkota, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Nepalese embassy, has marked a serious concern on the increasing drowning cases and has stated the only measure to reduce the number is by practicing beach safety measures before allowing the students or any Nepalese to enjoy the wave. He stated:

“As data shows, it has become a serious issue, and we are anxious about it. We request all, especially the new-comers, to follow beach-safety measures – which is very important to know before going into the water.”

The drowning case of Nikit Shrestha has definitely frightened the Nepalese community. The news has sparked on all social media platforms. Despite the continuous effort from the Nepalese embassy on water safety awareness, tragedies have occurred repeatedly. 5th drowning case of Nepalese student in Australia frightens the community - NepaliPage

Mahesh Raj Dahal, Nepalese ambassador to Australia, stated to southasia.com.au, the primary reason for inclining drowning cases is due to the excitement of seeing the water waves. As Nepal is a landlocked country, swimming and water activities are not much popular as in Australia. He stated,

“Only recently, we supported and participated in a program with a view to building water safety awareness among students. We must all work together to get the message across that they must not enter the water if they are not aware of the inherent risks (of Australian waters).”

The deaths of Nepalese students in Australia are inclining day by day, and the death of Nikit Shrestha seems to be the fifth case of drowning amongst the 12 cases since 2016 as reported by the Nepalese embassy Australia.

Nikit Shrestha hailed from Pokhara, Nepal, and was the only child of the devastated parents. The 20-years old lad had completed his first semester at the Federal University, while the missing case was reported by Nikit’s four friends (whose name has not yet been disclosed) to the police.

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