20-year old Nepalese student caught in fraudulent act

Pravin Mainali, a Nepalese student studying IT in Australia, has been held by the court for the case of fraudulent activity. The student was arrested on March 3, 2020, and is facing severe legal actions after he got identified participating in the fraud scheme in robbing an elderly Alzheimer Australian residing in Sydney’s northwest, for the amount of $5000.

Mainali, 20-year old, pledged guilty to the offense at Burwood Local Court on March 4 as he reportedly admitted the police that he was working for a ‘man on the phone’ with whom he had connected via telephone after he responded the advertisement on Gumtree.

The man had further instructed Mainali to collect the Westpac ATM card from the 86-year old victim by pretending to be a bank agent who is trying to investigate the fraudulent access of his bank account.

Despite pledging, the court denied his bail as the police stated the situation to be a “flight risk” as well as an “unacceptable risk” to the Australian community.

A Daily Telegraph report indicates that the man “part of a fraud syndicate targeting elderly residents in retirement homes.”

Pravin Mainali arrived in Australia on a student visa in November 2018. The international student who is still behind bars was caught in the CCTV camera buying Revolver jeans from General Pants in Paramatta Westfield, Cap and T-shirt, Nike foot shoes from Footlocker, and JBL Bluetooth speakers from JB Hi-Fi.

The entire set-up done by the 20-year old student got conducted after the unknown person behind the phone offered him a perfect portion of share from the fraudulent enterprise, whose remaining proceeds would get transferred through the State Bank of India (SBI) account via Money Gram.

Pravin Mainali expects to return to Burwood Local Court on April 14 for a sentencing hearing.

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Writer : Pabitra Dhakal

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