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Nepalese man sentenced for squeezing lady’s breast on train

Nepalese man sentenced for squeezing lady's breast on train - NepaliPage

A Nepalese man has to serve a two-year community corrections order and 300 hours of community service after pleading guilty for squeezing lady’s breast during a late-night train ride. On April 20 last year the Nepalese man was traveling to Chatswood from Hurstville after midnight. On that trip, he sat next …

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No Opal? Bank Card will work for Sydney Trains

You forgot your Opal or missed it? Don’t get panic, now your bank card will work as Opal card to pay transport fare. A good news for Sydneysiders bank credit and debit cards to pay for transport has been implemented on trains in NSW. The application of this service on …

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