No Opal? Bank Card will work for Sydney Trains

You forgot your Opal or missed it? Don’t get panic, now your bank card will work as Opal card to pay transport fare. A good news for Sydneysiders bank credit and debit cards to pay for transport has been implemented on trains in NSW. The application of this service on NSW trains was after a successful trial on Ferry and Light Rail.

With the increasing use of contactless payments, that we say ‘PayPass’ Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure enabled transport ticketing system to allow the commuter to pay fare via credit or debit card straightaway. 

Travelers who use their credit or debit card to pay transport fare would be charged a standard distance-based fare and miss the Opal benefit. A traveler will miss half-price travel benefit for trips after eight in a week, transfer discount while joining bus or ferry after trains and the off-pick fare if they use credit or debit card to tap on the Opal reader gates on Train Station or Opal reader in Ferries and Light Rail. NSW buses will get this feature next year according to the Sunday Morning Herald.

This will easy for tourists, non-frequent commuters to pay transport fare without Opal card and queuing to buy a single trip card. Mobile Wallets, Tablets and wearable devices linked with a bank account and a credit card can also be used to pay the fare as Opal card do.

How to make a contactless transport fare payment

  • Separate your American Express, Mastercard or Visa card from other cards you’re carrying so your fare is charged to the right card.
  • If you’re paying with a digital device linked to your credit card, select the card you want to use from your digital wallet.
    Tap on with your card or device at the Opal reader before you board the ferry or light rail or trains.
  • Tap off with the same card or device you tapped on with when you reach your destination, just as you do with an Opal card.

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