How to tackle being bullied at work?

Have you been anytime in this situation? Has anyone bullied at work? You either at your office or at college? No more to worry. The article explains to you how to handle the situation when you are at the office and are being bullied.

Most of the times, bullying at your workplace usually refers to any repeated or the intentional behavior which is directed towards one particular employee and is intended to degrade or embarrass or even humiliate by undermining his or her performance.

You might either face this from your management, colleagues or your supervisors and this is the most important problem of the workers at all the levels. When you learn to recognize and address the bullying you face at your workplace it helps you to create healthier and more productive environment for yourself and your colleagues.

If you are on the same page, read this article that will surely help you to identify and create a better work environment.

The first thing is you need to know is what a bully is and what it does?
How to tackle being bullied at work - NepaliPage

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Just like your siblings in the schoolyard, the bullies at the workplace make use of the same techniques for manipulation and try to bring you down. When you learn to recognize their behavior in the first place whenever they stop you from doing any work in some comfortable environment.

After disturbing you in your work, the bully enjoys it fully one can even say that by tormenting others bully gains happiness. Most often the bullies have a deep-seated psychological issue those are related to the control. Bullying has less t do with your performance and your personality and it is more related to the insecurities of your bullies.

How to recognize the behavior of bullies

When dealing with people, you can recognize the signs of bullies those signify a simple misunderstanding or any personal disagreement. Whenever you feel you are bullied at your workplace it includes:

  • Either shouting in private or in front of your customers
  • The people under you might not respect you and call you by names
  • People at your workplace tend to pass some disrespectful comments on or against you just to bully you
  • Your boss or colleagues might overload you with work
  • They always try to underestimate you
  • People at your workplace can even withhold the information regarding your work
  • People might even try to exclude you from some important discussions or any other conversations thereby making you feel awkward.
    How to tackle being bullied at work - NepaliPage

Things you need to consider those suggest you are a victim of bullying

If you are going through the below-mentioned situations then you are surely a victim of bullying:

  • You often find the problem while sleeping or you are struggling with nausea and vomiting as you are scared to go to work.
  • Your family most often gets frustrated as you continuously share your office tensions with them.
  • Most of the times you spend your weekends just worrying about going back to work.
  • You are detected with health problems like blood pressure or any other stress-related issues.

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Never ignore the feeling of being bullied

Whenever you feel singled out unfairly or as if you are picked on the disproportionate amount, it can be tempting for coming up with the excuses. Never think that “Everyone gets treated this way,” or “I deserve it”. Most of the times the bullies find your weak points and act accordingly.  Never let them confuse you about your strengths.

How to tackle being bullied at work - NepaliPage

Always stop people from bullying you

Although it sounds easy it is difficult to carry. You can keep some simple gestures and the statements in your mind in order to bring out the feeling of being bullied. In order to tackle the situation wisely, you need to stop people bullying you by  either trying to communicate your frustration by saying  “Please stop and let me work” or “Stop talking please.” This will in turn help you to stand up against bullying and you will gain some confidence. Never escalate the bullying.

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