Five Fantastic Investment opportunities in Nepal 

As a least developed country between two huge population there are fantastic investment opportunities in Nepal

Nepal is a nation that is making rapid progress toward economic success. The country is an ideal option if you are looking for a spot to invest that will bring you decent returns as profit. Nepal promotes international investment as 100% foreign-owned businesses or joint venture operations with Nepalese investors, which is a fantastic opportunity. A few industries are closed to foreign investment because of restrictions put in place by the government.

In this blog, we will discuss major 5 investment opportunities in Nepal for foreign investors. Let’s dive 

1) Tourism 

Nepal is a naturally beautiful and culturally rich country, and here, tourism is crucial to sustain the economy. Thus, as a foreign investor, one passive method to capitalize on tourism is to purchase shares in tourism-related companies like hotels, airlines, or restaurants.

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Five Fantastic Investment opportunities in Nepal - NepaliPage

2) Hydropower

Nepal has a capacity to generate 83 000 Megawatts of power. Therefore, for foreign investors, investing in hydropower may be the best decision. It might appear that investing in large-scale hydropower plants may need huge sums; however, the option to buy shares in related companies is also available. In fact, according to marketers, Nepal is currently home to an increased number of hydroelectricity projects, and in 10 years, the majority of them will be open to the public. So, think wisely about investing in hydroelectricity.

3) Outsourcing from foreign country to Nepal

Most foreign companies are looking to outsource programming, digital marketing services, IT researches, academic research, or labour-intensive work to developing countries as work can be done at low expenses. Further, a foreign investor who is into outsourcing companies can save a substantial amount of money. For Nepalese, getting jobs via outsourcing is a great way to earn money and add to their portfolio. 

There are huge investment opportunities in Nepal, even overseas living Nepalese can start with small seed money.

4) Land, Land and More Fertile Land

Lands in Nepal can provide an ample number of profits as they are arable and produce crops, veggies, or even fruits in large amounts. With the growing demand for organic products and organic farming, Nepalese and foreign investors can shift investment in land and organic farming. In most of the cases, investors take a piece of land on lease for maximum years of 10 years. To be more precise, investing in farming which has a combination of both traditional and modern organic farming techniques, is advantageous.

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Five Fantastic Investment opportunities in Nepal - NepaliPage

5) Medical Tourism

Some of the world’s top doctors are from Nepal. In fact, dangerous surgeries are performed by surgeons from hospitals in Nepal. Although Nepali hospitals lack the facilities and technology available in other nations, the quality of the medical staff is outstanding. Additionally, if there is foreign investment in the industry, it can help with infrastructure development and the production of top-notch surgeons.

Besides this, foreigners can invest in energy, manufacturing, construction, service, mineral resources, mineral-based, textile and apparel industry of Nepal.


The Government of Nepal has constituted a high-level Investment Board to facilitate investors in investing in the potential sectors in Nepal. So, foreign investors who are willing to invest can contact the Investment Board to proceed with their investment journey.

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