Endeavour Leadership Program Open for Nepalese Students

Australia has opened scholarship for high-performing students, researchers and education professionals including Nepalese to peruse their studies in Australia. The Australian government’s 2019 Endeavour Leadership Program has already opened and set to close the application on Thursday 15 November 2018.
The scholarship program covers travel allowance, establishment allowance, monthly stipend, health insurance, travel insurance as well as the tuition fees. Student succeeded to receive the scholarship under the Endeavour Leadership Program will receive up to 3000 Australian dollars for travel allowance, up to 4000 dollars establishment allowance, a monthly stipend of 3000 dollars and full tuition fee for the course they undertake.

The Australian government funded program supports bright students from various countries to develop expertise in their field. The government provides this Endeavour Leadership Scholarship in four categories Postgraduate, Research, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Executive. Winner may get up to 272,500 Australian dollars valued Ph.D. opportunity in Australia for up to 4 years. Endeavour Leadership Program Open for Nepalese Students - NepaliPage

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As per mentioned the Endeavour Leadership Program website Nepal remains on highest priority category for Australian government engagement.

What is Endeavour Leadership Program?

The Endeavour Leadership Program (ELP) is the Australian government’s plan to develop Australia as a leading country in education, training, and research globally. To boost its initiative the Australian government has established ELP for transformative partnership with priority partner countries and expanding student, education and training as well as research and professional mobility. Scholarship receivers of the ELP will have the opportunity to build a global network as well as professional specialization in their respective field. 

Who will get this scholarship?

The Endeavour Leadership Program will support students and professionals with high calibration in their field. The program website reads, ‘funding will support high performing individuals, tertiary providers, and their students from around the globe the opportunity to undertake study, professional development or research and increase their expertise in their field.’

Scholarship Timeline

Endeavour Leadership Program Open for Nepalese Students - NepaliPage

Endeavour Leadership Program’s Note

Endeavour Scholarship Open for Nepalese Students - NepaliPage

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For more information about the scholarship program visit International Applicants page clicking here

Study Australia Page Applications open for ELP 2019 

Get Program Guideline 

Here is List of Priority Countries

From here you can register and start your application process.

To go to the application page click here

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