Canberra 190 nomination reopening soon

The state government of ACT, Canberra is going to reopen its nomination for nominated skilled migration 190 visa. According to the update in government migration portal Canberra is set to reopen nomination process on 29 November 2018. In their update, the state government indicated they are going to introduce a new process and criteria for nomination.
In last change in nominated occupation list on 29 June this year, ACT had made ineligible Canberra residents to access nomination on ‘closed’ listed occupations. Before, international students living, working and studying in different locations of the ACT for at least one year were eligible to apply for nomination for those occupations listed as ‘closed’. Because of that nomination criterion, thousands of international students moved Canberra from other Australian cities. As soon they completed their study and fulfill living conditions for nomination government changed their policy and criteria for 190 nominated skilled visa nomination for international students graduated from the ACT. 

Now, after a long consultation with the community, program participants, migration agents, education providers, employers, and other stakeholders state has announced the reopening of ACT nomination with major changes in the nomination process. NepaliPage understands that Canberra has 800 nomination places for 190 skilled permanent visa for this 2018/19.

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The state government will follow the merit-based assessment for 190 nominations. The Notice on Canberra migration website reads, ‘demand for the 190 visa in the ACT has exceeded the Territory’s allocation in recent years, so replacing the first-in, first-served system with a merit-based assessment that is more in line with other jurisdictions around Australia will moderate supply and demand throughout the year and more effectively address the ACT’s skills needs.’
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