Best Place To Buy Packaging Boxes in Australia 

Moving into a new flat or house means having your stuff packed well. To make them pack well, you need special packaging boxes called moving boxes. These moving boxes are a must-have to have your stuff managed during transport. 

Now, to find and buy packaging boxes, i.e. moving boxes, can be a daunting task, so with this blog, we focus on major aspects of moving boxes.

Let’s start!!

What are Moving Boxes?

Moving boxes are boxes made up of normally cardboard boxes (sometimes plastics or wooden boxes) used for secure moving or transporting of your belongings while moving to a new home or location. These boxes can vary as per people’s needs.

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Best Place To Buy Packaging Boxes in Australia - NepaliPage

Types of Moving Boxes

Now moving boxes can vary on a various basis, but in general, sizes and the things kept inside contribute to determining their type.

On the Basis of size

  • Small: These moving boxes measure around 16″ x 12″ x 12″ and they make perfect packaging boxes for books, CDs and DVDs, and kitchen gadgets. 
  • Medium: The dimension of such boxes are 18″ x 16″ x 18″ and are used to pack decorative items. 
  • Large: They have quite a big dimension i.e. 18″ x 18″ x 24″ and they hold items like small appliances, bedding, drapes, and smaller pillows.
  • Extra-large: The largest in the group i.e. 24″ x 20″ x 24″. These packaging boxes can be used for comforters, pillows and sports equipment. 

On the basis of items or Speciality boxes

  • Wardrobe — This type of moving box come is used for packing clothes. They have a hanger at the top to place clothes. So, Cool, Ya?
  • Dish pack: These are medium-sized packaging boxes for fragile things like cups.
  • Lamp: These packaging boxes are made to protect lamps and other tall items.  
  • Office/file: These packaging boxes are small to medium boxes specially used to have handles and removable tops.
  • Mirror & Picture: These moving boxes are thin and flat. They are mostly designed to hold artwork and mirrors and come in various sizes.  
  • TV: The name says enough. These are designed to protect flat-screen TVs. From 32 -70 inches TV can fit on it.

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Best Place To Buy Packaging Boxes in Australia

Qualities of Great Moving Boxes

  • A moving box should have good strength, i.e. with ‘strong double walls or even a tri-wall box for the safety of your items.
  • Invest in the best box size as per your need.
  • Check for both price and quality; don’t compromise on quality.
  •  To minimize the chances of breakages, always use adequate padding.
  • Invest in moving supplies to secure your moving boxes.

What Are The Moving Supplies Needed To Move Boxes?

Just working to buy packaging boxes, especially moving boxes, isn’t enough; you should check the moving supplies which are necessary for efficient moving.

  • Packing tape for secure sealing of the packaging boxes.
  • Packing paper for wrapping fragile and/or sharp items 
  • Plastic wrap to wrap around certain items to prevent bottle leaks.
  • Plastic bags for storing small items that might otherwise get lost. 
  • Bubble cushioning to wrap up extra fragile items like those made of glass, ceramic, and porcelain. 
  • A toolset that has a screwdriver and wrench with a range of heads.
  • Labels and/or markers to write the names of the items inside the packing box.
  • You can also check for other Moving day supplies: Rental trucks, Furniture pads/moving blankets, Lifting straps, Cargo straps, Trailers, Ramp and others.

Tips for Handling Moving Boxes

  1. First and foremost, work to accurately assess your needs and invest in the best quality and desirable type of moving boxes.
  2. While moving to the truck or vehicle, manage moving boxes well so that it doesn’t become overcrowded. 
  3. Always avoid overstuffing as it can be heavy, causing your items to fall and then bring you damages and losses.
  4. Labelling your boxes will help you take out and efficiently manage your items after setting up a new space.
  5. Don’t forget to pack an essentials box(where you put all the items you need right away after moving- in).

Why Buy Moving Boxes online?

The simple answer is it’s convenient, you can buy packaging boxes staying in your house. If you are looking for special moving boxes and other packaging boxes in Australia? To buy packaging boxes, you must look for professionals who offer high-quality and affordable moving boxes online. At online stores, businesses actively promote the principles and benefits of using quality packaging boxes for moving and other activities.  

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