Thinking About What You Cannot Bring In Australia? It’s Time To Know!

We all have caring parents who wrap stacks of goodies in our branded suitcases despite knowing the hardship we face to pull those properly packed goods through the green channel. On our entire travel, we fear getting the packet disposed of and hope that the product glides slowly because there are many things cannot bring in Australia from overseas.

Australia has a strict bio-security law prohibit certain foreign plants, animal material, foods, entering the country due to the threat of introducing serious pests and disease to Australia. As per rule came into effect from  2019, April the airport authorities can cancel visitor visa if the travels fail to declare the prohibited items. The list of cannot bring in Australia is long and must be followed. Many people already detained and deported while trying to bring such things into Australia with them. 

So, if you are traveling to Australia either from Nepal or any other country make sure to go through the list of the items you cannot bring in Australia and pack only from the can bring in Australia list.

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A. Goods you can bring in without declaring

Chocolate & confectionary You can bring up to 10 kilograms packaged chocolates or confectionery.
Coffee Roasted coffee up to 10 kilograms

Roasted coffee beans up to 10 kilograms

Green coffee beans up to 5 kilograms

Cosmetics Up to 10 kilograms of 10 litres for personal use.
Juice and soft drink Only allowed if commercially packaged such as:

Metal cans, glass jar or bottles, plastic container that has heated seal, tetra packs, retort pouches.

Maple syrup, golden syrup, treacle


For personal use only
Potato crisps For personal use only
Tea (black and green) Only clean and new packaging
Vegemite, Promite, Marmite, cheesymite, Nutella, peanut butter


New packaging and only for personal use

 B.Live Birds & Animals

Birds Selected species only from New Zealand only.
Cats Import via certain countries only
Dogs Import via approved countries only
Horses Approved countries only
Rabbits New Zealand only

 C. Medicines & Substances

Hormones (Substance) Declare it
Kava (Substance) Declare it
Medicine for personal use (Medicine) Declare it
Sedatives (Medicine) Declare it
Steroids (Substance) Don’t bring it

 D. Duty-Free Goods

Alcohol Declare it
Tobacco Declare it
General Goods Declare it

 E. Homemade Foods

Cooked meals Don’t bring
Cakes with cheese Don’t bring
Pickles, or sour milk products Don’t bring
Oil (used) Don’t bring
Meat items Declare it
Honey products Declare it
Biscuits, bread, cakes, pastries, Christmas cake, and Christmas pudding (excluding cheesecakes) Bring

To know more about the products which you are allowed to bring in Australia, visit the Border Force list

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