Understanding Assessment Level to obtain Work Visa in Australia

To obtain a work visa in Australia, your nationality plays a very important role. Based on various nationalities, there are assessment levels that have been set up that decide how easy or difficult it would be for a person of a certain nationality to get a visa to work in Australia. These levels are known as assessment levels.

Basically, there are 4 types of assessment levels present. There are four difficulty levels to get a visa to work in Australia. For example, Italian citizens fall under the level 1 which is the easiest. Hence an Italian citizen gets a work visa in Australia easily. The same applies to England, Spain, France, Switzerland, etc…

Assessment Level 2- Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, etc…

Assessment Level 3- Romania, Russia, Macedonia, etc…

Assessment Level 4- India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, etc…

Now, an important point to understand here is that if you do not belong to the assessment level 1, then to obtain a work visa in Australia is to get your studies done in here. Thus if you belong to other levels, you need to study in Australia to work here.

A student visa is associated with a language or a professional course that the applicant does in Australia. This must be committed in advance.

Duration of Student Visa

The duration of a student visa is the duration of the course added to 28 days. During the course, you can work as part-time for a period of 12 weeks. This is also the minimum course length for eligibility. You can further choose to work 4 weeks in extra. Students tend to choose longer courses as it decreases pressure by providing more breaks. The maximum duration of a student visa has been fixed at 54 weeks.

While applying for a visa you will have to prove your economic stability as well. For this, you need to produce bank statements illustrating that you have around 18000 AUD in your bank account for each year that you intend to study in Australia. Also make sure that you show your economic stability before moving to Australia also, like statements for 3 months prior to deciding to move.


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