Noteworthy suggestion for students driving in Australia with Nepali license

It’s a good gesture that Australia government permits Nepalese students and temporary visa holders drive in Australia under Nepalese driving licence conditions. It makes comfortable for many Nepalese students and visa holders commute from the first week in Australia on their own car. But, misusing this gesture and trying to fake the system may cost a lot. Driving in Australia using Nepalese bogus driving licence could ruin your Australian dream as well as have to face criminal case.

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Anil Upadhya, a prominent Nepali community activist in Adelaide advises Nepalese students and temporary visa holders not to use shortcut to drive on Australian roads with bogus Nepali driving licence. Further requests not to use such Nepali licence to get an unrestricted Australian diving licence. In an unfortunate situation such Nepali driving licence as well as Australian driving licence acquired on the base of bogus Nepali licence would place in unimaginable trouble, he suggest in Nepali language. Here is full text of his suggestion for community members:

धेरैजनाले नक्कली नेपाली (सवारी चालक अनुमती पत्र ) ल्याएर गाडी चलाईरख्नु भएको छ भने यो पढ्नु होला।

१. यदी तपाई यतै…

Posted by Anil Upadhyāyā on Sunday, 24 January 2021

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