Interested in IT Industry? Know if it is for you

Australian IT industry has grown significantly in the last couple of years. More and more Aussie businesses are relying on their competent IT department to excel in their growth.

Words like big data, artificial intelligence, and analytics are some of the most commonly used words today. Listening to all this makes one wonder that if someone is not very much acquainted with the tech world, then what the future holds for him or her. In such a changing scenario, students all over the world are aiming to make themselves better versed in this new techno world. In this scenario, Australia is attracting more and more enthusiastic students every day.

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Interested in IT Industry? Know if it is for you - NepaliPage

Before you venture into the idea. You must first find out whether the job is made for you. The people who work in this area have to be highly analytical and obviously, they must have a knack for all this. If one has to write down the qualities that one should have to not only work in this area but also to make a good name, they may be as follows:

  • Since this is one of those industries that know no boundaries on the lines of geography, the person is obviously expected to be very well versed in English and have great communication skills as well. The former part is very much needed because you must be able to understand and interpret the queries.
  • As you move up in the ladder here, the complexities increase many folds and hence you need to keep yourself known about what is new and must learn it.
  • One should be very well organized. Skills like making action plans, executing them, if mistakes are made then rerouting the plan, etc…are very much essential.
  • Like we already said, Strong analytical, numeracy, and literacy skills including problem-solving healthy attitude should be there.
  • You should also be a people person as most of the work is done in groups of people or teams where heterogeneity is made sure of to cover each specialization area.
  • Finally, you must focus on details no matter however small they are.

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Interested in IT Industry? Know if it is for you - NepaliPage

If you have these qualities then welcome to the IT world. It is the new black and is being chased by one and all. Talking about the career options available in this, it can range from say a coder or program builder, testers, team leads, managers, and what not. Few roles are quite much sought after. There are many universities that give courses in IT. You can gain more knowledge about it from your education adviser or you may search for yourself the various universities that are providing this.

These are Software engineers, web developers, technical support, system analyst, information technology consultant, etc… All these roles and many others offer a good salary which increases as you go up. For example, talking about Network Support Technician, one can earn an average of $51,740 in Australia. Going towards a more mature role, Information Technology Manager, your yearly earnings can be as high as $98,030. One can also choose to go independent. Independent Senior IT Analyst can expect to earn a handsome amount of even more with more autonomy. Isn’t it the best of both worlds?

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