Tips You Should Keep In Mind During Online Shopping

As a consumer in Australia, you have many rights against unfair trade practices. There are many issues of consumers or customers being cheated by shop owners and hence the rights and as well as duties are revised continuously to make sure that one is not cheat in the process of buying.

On one hand, where NSW protects all the international students from these scams, there is a very important point that you should keep in mind. You as an international student is protected from many unfair practices but be careful while shopping online as this doesn’t come under the protection. Yes, you read it right. You are not protected when it comes to online shopping if in case you are buying goods from an overseas seller. Thus Australian Consumer Laws will not protect you from any online frauds. So buyer beware. The buyer hence must be very cautious in online shopping.

Tips You Should Keep In Mind During Online Shopping - NepaliPage

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while doing online shopping:

  • First and foremost never use a public system or computer for online shopping. As this will require your credentials for both the site as well as the banking details which can be easily stolen.
  • Having said that, never give your password to anyone
  • Always do a background search of the seller you are buying from. Best would call them before purchasing.
  • While doing the background search, you can also see the various scams that have been committed. Go to this link for more information:
  • Don’t be fooled by offers. Always check yourselves also. You can also do a comparative search about prices, type of service provided, after sales services etc…
  • You may consult about the product with others and also read customer reviews. These help a lot in making an informed decision.
  • Since you are an international student hence there are some points you should pay special attention to. These are exchange rates, sales tax, import duties etc…
  • Before paying always check whether the site has a secure payment. For this, you can look for a key or a closed padlock icon situated either at the bottom of the payment page or the top.
  • Also, while placing the order, check all the details regarding delivery and if there are some extra charged for the same.
  • Once you have made payment, do save the receipt generated. It is also advisable to take a printout of the same and keep it with you.

Tips You Should Keep In Mind During Online Shopping - NepaliPage

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