Planning your life after Graduation in Australia

For a significant number of us, the coming summer months are an all-around earned break between the hardships of a serious exam period and the initiation of another semester. For a fortunate few, in any case, this implies graduation and a very serious question, what next?

Do you as of now have a graduate program arranged one year from now? Are your folks coming to visit? At the point when does your visa terminate? Is it accurate to say that you are having some travel plans? Is it true that you are overpowered by the unlimited potential outcomes and a new feeling of flexibility? Indeed, tie in and read on. We’re covering off a couple of things to remember while considering what to do after you graduate.

Planning your life after Graduation in Australia - NepaliPage


Australia is a major goal for a travel place for many! There is a considerable amount of things to see and do and regularly study can impede investigating the genuinely noteworthy scenes. Take advantage of this radiant summer and find the magnificence that Australia is acclaimed for.

Music celebrations are in abundance throughout the middle of every year and these are must-see goals. Talk to loved ones (that have traveled) to see which places they prescribe or visit any neighborhood Australian; they all have their own rundown of mystery spots.

Planning your life after Graduation in Australia - NepaliPage

Family Visits

This is likely the best open time for your family to visit, now that the worry of exams has died down. Take them around and show them where you have studied, where you hung out and if this is their first time, introduce them to the Australian lifestyle.

Planning your life after Graduation in Australia - NepaliPage

Additional STUDIES

It is exceptionally regular for international students to proceed with their studies and some side bridge courses to get that extra knowledge. There might be another course or a more elevated amount of capability that will enable you to enter your coveted calling. Address your college committee for international students about what’s accessible/prompted for you. Here you’ll discover some rich amount of data on applying for an extension of your student visa.


After completion of your study (2 years at least or as per your circumstance), you will be eligible for a Temporary Graduate Visa (485), that will give you full time working rights up to 24 months in Australia. In this time you can get Australian workplace experience and make some savings for future. Joining own industry jobs may help you to get Australian Permanent Residency quite quicker. Along with jobs and career, you can carry your professional year or English test preparation. This is a decent alternative for the individuals who may wish to work towards permanent residency.

Back to Home

On the off chance that you do choose that the time has come to come back to your home, attempt to finish as much as you can before you go. Drop your financial balances and your cell phone contracts. Pay your last bills, lease and whatever else you can consider.

Regularly nonetheless, there can, in any case, be viewpoints that you may have neglected, (for example, superannuation). Setting aside the opportunity to guarantee everything is legitimately overseen will profit you, later on, should you wish to come back to Australia for travel, study or work.

Celebrate Success

Graduation is a major accomplishment, particularly if done as such in another nation and possibly a place like Australia which is a popular study destination. You ought to be greatly glad for this and pause for a minute to remunerate yourself.

Regardless of whether it is for only one night, put the future on hold and commend this achievement with loved ones. You have earned it!

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