Job Options for Foodie

Do what you love and you will be the best at it. A true saying that has passed the test of time. We all love to do something and if we can pursue it as a career then there is nothing better than it. Many people are good at math, …

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Job or Own Business? What to Choose

Many of us are often faced with the dilemma that we want to start our business or enterprise but are currently doing a job which is most circumstances is paying you well to live nicely. Now in these situations, the more the good our current job is doing for us …

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Most Dangerous Jobs In Australia

In any job, there are some hazards. Now, these can range from simple stress which is a part and parcel of every job there is today to some serious health hazards which also go up to being a danger for life of the workers involved. However, these dangers and hazards …

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Career as a hairdresser in Australia

Many students come each year to Australia full of creativity to make a good career in the artistic field. As the world is getting more and more evolved so is the disposable income in the hands of people increasing so is the demand for grooming oneself and thus there is …

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Interested in IT Industry? Know if it is for you

Words like big data, artificial intelligence and analytics are some of the most commonly used words today. Listening to all this makes one wonder that if someone is not very much acquainted with the tech world, then what the future holds for him or her. In such a changing scenario, …

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A good resume can secure a job for you

A good resume can secure a job for you - NepaliPage

A good resume is a key to success. To get a job in Australia you need to apply for the position with a standard resume, that clearly explain your experience and skills to your potential employer. One of the reasons behind not getting hired though applying more than dozens of …

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125 websites to find a job in Australia

Guide to get started with the idea of moving to Australia - NepaliPage

Finding a job in Australia is not hassle-free for international students, backpackers as well as new migrants. In fact, it takes a time to get a job (might take 1-2 months) though one has good community networking and friends circle already residing in Australia. Though there are community initiation and …

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Reasons why Nepalese in Australia unable to find a proper job

Top Ways To Increase Your Employability - NepaliPage

Australian job market promises wide career opportunities yet finding a job in Australia for non-English speaking nationals(like Nepalese in Australia), it’s a bit tough. Despite having required qualifications and expertise in your field you might be disqualified. Because employers are not only looking for skilled employees but ones having a good …

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Workplace rights in Australia for international students

Guidelines for International Students Working in NSW - NepaliPage

Getting a work while staying in Australia is important to support your study and living expenses. Work, that too in foreign land helps you to be independent and confident. Before you start job hunting, you should know about working conditions of your visa. There are limitations on working hours international …

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