How to develop yourself as a Real Estate Agent in Australia?

The real estate market is intimidating for a new realtor. Every city in Australia has its own set of rules and regulations. In contrast, the secondary portion of the estate business has a plethora of agents, who already have a secure, established connection.

Commencing a stable career needs an extensive amount of hard work. And real estate for the Nepalese migrants can get worrisome since they must gain knowledge of the real estate market in Australia, its framework, hot selling picks, and primarily establish the business brand.

Gaining trust is essential in the capital market. Clients prefer to work with the ones whom they can rely on strictly. Nepalese people or students must successfully brand themselves, spread the message of their existence, get handy local data, build credibility, and, most importantly, have a healthy business plan.

Well, these are just bits of the informal structure to be one of the agents. Above all, it also includes formal training, responsibilities, skills & knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of their work environment. 

Qualifications of a real estate agent in Australia

No formal education is needed. But to work as one of them, you need a certificate IV in property service in real estate. You may also need to register as a land agent register, real estate agent license, driver’s license, and national police check.

Responsibilities of a real estate agent in Australia

  • List out the commercial or residential properties for lease or sale.
  • Inspect the property and highlight the positive factors of the property before the buyers.
  • Make them understand the term of lease or sale.
  • Properly advise the vendors of sales and marketing options such as open house inspections and sale by auction.
  • Provide catalogues, including the details of land & building.
  • Locate property as per buyers and seller needs.
  • Offer valuation service and advice for property trading.
  • Properly structure the terms of the settlement between the buyers and sellers.
  • Collect rent from the tenants and remit to the owner as agreed.
  • Monitor and analyze the non-compliance terms of tenancy and commence rental arrears.
  • Develop and implement business plans, policies, budgets, and procedures for the agency.
  • Arrange finance, land brokerage, and maintenance charge of the premises.


Skills of a real estate agent in Australia

Real Estate Agent lookout for strong interpersonal, communication skills to provide the highest quality customer service.


Besides the real estate knowledge, the real estate must have:

Areas Skill Levels Requirements
Customer & personal service 76% Understand every element of the customers and measuring client satisfaction.
Sales & marketing 70% Include marketing strategy, demonstration skills, and sales techniques.
Clerical 65% Manage every client’s information and maintain a proper client database.
Administrative & management skills 61% Coordinating with people and resources and demonstrate leadership skills.
English language 61% Proper English language to communicate with the clients.


Updated skills and experience improved through training or workshops.

Areas Skill Levels Requirements
Reading comprehension 59% Acquire every work-related information.
Active listening 57% Listening carefully to the client’s requirements.
Decision-making 57% Figuring out the pros and cons. Make a sound decision accordingly.
Negotiation 57% Sorting out the difference and bringing in people together.


Use mental and physical skills to sort out the problems.

Areas Skill Levels Requirements
Near vision 59% See every minute details of the buyer and seller, including their property.
Written comprehension 57% Read and understand every written and dictated information by the seller and buyer.
Deductive reasoning 57% Use the regulatory frameworks, general rules to solve the problem.

Salary of a Real Estate Agent in Australia

A real estate agent in Australia earns an average salary of $201, 459 per annum. For the entry-level position, the package starts from $40,000, while the mid-level agents receive an hourly wage rate of $51.28.

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