NRNA assists Nepalese students & migrants with food essentials

Nepalese residing in Australia now can calm themselves in the turmoil of COVID-19. NRNA Australia, is now making a move to console the well-being of the Nepalese students from 2020, March 23. The association decides to supply 30 days of essential amenities to international students.

Considering the alarming situation in the Australian sates, the NRNA community has developed a community task force in every state.

For a secure connection with the Nepalese living in Australia, the NRNA helpline and the Facebook group will be activated. The NRNA, besides their strength, is looking forward to collaborating with the Nepalese Embassy, Consulate Office, Business & Community Organizations to combat the COVID-19 situation.

The NRNA community, to execute the decision, and to take out every possible measure to protect the Nepalese people, has asked for the team leaders and stakes presence. The Association has welcomed every generous and voluntary support to safeguard the Nepalese in the Australian community.

Criteria for the NRNA assistance to Nepalese students

Nepalese students and other Nepalese people can take help from the NRNA community.

A. Primary Food Supply to the Nepalese Communities

a. For 30 days food supply

  • Must have recently arrived in Australia.
  • Must be unemployed.
  • Must be in self-isolation.
  • Must be single with no availability of family/ relative’s support.
  • Inform the issue to the Nepalese Embassy or the Office of Consulate General about the situation.

b. For 15 days food supply

  • Must be in financial hardships.
  • Must be in self-isolation.

B. Extended voluntary support to the Australian communities through liaising.

C. The relevant State Coordinators shall decide the assistance package and term.

D. Students seeking assistance must be referred and verified by the NRNA Australia State Team or Consulate General of each state or Embassy of Nepal.

The NRN Australia has requested the Nepalese Embassy in Canberra, Nepalese Communities in Australia, Stakes, and Leaders to participate in the video conference to respond to the issue of crisis at the National Crisis Forum on 2020, March 22, at 4 pm.

Any Nepalese students looking forward to emergency assistance can take the Help Line 1800 954 540!

Writer : Pabitra Dhakal

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