1196 Australian Student visa holder Nepalese stuck in Nepal

1196 Australian Student visa holder Nepalese stuck in Nepal - NepaliPage

Australian government record show only a few Nepalese students holding Australian Student visa are stuck in Nepal due to lockdown and border closure. Both countries Nepal and Australia have limited people’s movement to reduce the COVID-19 virus spread. Nepal has enforced lockdown and border closure as well as suspended all …

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Cheaper courses won’t help graduates get jobs – they need good careers advice and links with employers

Cheaper courses won't help graduates get jobs – they need good careers advice and links with employers - NepaliPage

  Shutterstock Jason Brown, La Trobe University The government’s higher education funding changes aim to ensure graduates are “job-ready”. Students will be charged more for courses the government deems have poorer employment outcomes, to incentivise them into cheaper courses with supposedly better job prospects. But these changes seem ignorant of …

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Nepalese student sentenced to jail in Australia

Nepalese student sentenced to jail in Australia - NepaliPage

A Nepalese student who is in Australia to study IT has been sentenced to jail for defrauding aged Australians. He was sentenced to a maximum 18 months jail term that would end with deportation. Pravin Mainali, 20 years old Nepalese was arrested on March 3, 2020, for participation in a …

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Australia Awards application deadline extended

Australia Awards application deadline extended - NepaliPage

Australian government extended the application deadline for the prestigious Australia Awards for Nepalese students. The application closing date was set for 30 April 2020. After this extension, aspiring Nepalese students can apply for the scholarship program until 30 June 2020. A successful student will join their course in Australian universities …

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Nepalese parents now can send money to their children overseas


A sign of relief for the Nepalese parents who were worried about the financial situation of their children studying overseas. Today, the Nepalese Government has given the approval to send money from Nepal for students living overseas suffering financially because of COVID-19. Due to the rapid expansion of COVID-19, several Nepalese …

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NRNA assists Nepalese students & migrants with food essentials


Nepalese residing in Australia now can calm themselves in the turmoil of COVID-19. NRNA Australia, is now making a move to console the well-being of the Nepalese students from 2020, March 23. The association decides to supply 30 days of essential amenities to international students. Considering the alarming situation in …

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Work restriction lifted for international nursing students


The spread of COVID-19 in Australia has urged Prime Minister Morrison to personally address its citizens and elevate the working for the global nursing students working in Australia. The Nepalese students can significantly make use of the decision as it can help them gain practical experience at the same time …

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Corona effect! International students working hours extended

International students can work unlimited hours - NepaliPage

While the exact rule and working policy of the International students holding a valid student visa is 20 hours per week, the wild spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), has urged the Australian government to revise its working limit to 40 hours. On 2020, March 13, the Australian government has relaxed the …

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