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Malicious COVID-19 report sent to users in Australia


Be careful! As you may be the next victim of the malware attack. The epidemic of COVID-19 is creating an opportunity for cyber attackers. Last three months, the Australian Cyber Security (ACSC) registered over 140 complaints from businesses and individuals across Australia. The complaints obtained so far remarked on the …

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Nepal undergoes complete lockdown from 6 am starting Tuesday


A complete halt on the public movements! Nepalese Government seems to undertake no risk with COVID-19; therefore, the Nepalese Government takes up an emergency lockdown after identifying the second COVID-19 case today. The lockdown comes in force from 2020, March 24, Tuesday, 6:00 am. In a bid to forestall the …

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COVID-19: NSW & Victoria states to make emergency shut down

Self-quarantine enforced to all the people entering Australia - NepaliPage

The spread and threat of COVID-19 have urged the State Premiers to close down their respective states.  NSW and Victorian Governments are proceeding with a complete shut down of every non-essential service.  The decision gets implemented within 48 hours to minimize the spread of COVID-19. However, the major sectors, such …

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Australia shuts its border to reduce the COVID-19 attack


Nepalese, along with international travelers, other than Australian citizens and permanent residency holders, gets prohibited from entering the Australian territory from 2020, March 20 w.e.f 9 pm, Friday. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, on Thursday, to put a travel ban on all the non-residents and non-Australians citizens entering Australia …

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COVID-19 update from Nepalese Embassy, Canberra


Considering the growing numbers of COVID-19, in Australia, the State Premiers have declared ‘State Emergency’ until further notice. At the same time, all the Nepalese nationals are advised by the Nepalese Embassy to take extra precautions regarding their hygiene and follow every norm issued by the regulators. Adding more concern, …

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Work restriction lifted for international nursing students


The spread of COVID-19 in Australia has urged Prime Minister Morrison to personally address its citizens and elevate the working for the global nursing students working in Australia. The Nepalese students can significantly make use of the decision as it can help them gain practical experience at the same time …

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