Tribhuvan International Airport stopped two Nepalese entering Nepal

International passengers including Nepalis people have been barred from entering Nepal by the Government of Nepal. The country released travel restrictions to the European territories, Gulf nations, and UK w.e.f 2020, March 20 through April 15.
The notification was circulated to overseas residents of foreign airlines and Nepalese citizens. But Etihad Airlines violated the regulations and landed in TIA today with two Nepalese men.
The 291-Etihad Airlines flight had landed in TIA at around 3:50 pm. It was expected to return at 4:50 pm. But as the carrier flew in two Nepalese men, the Government has shown high concern.
Earlier, two Nepalese flew to Australia via Qatar transit. They were sent back to the country by the Australian Government.
The government of Nepal had suspended its visa to five countries – South Korea, China, Iran, Italy, and Japan.
The government had then agreed, on March 11, to immediately stop issuing tourist visas on arrival. The regulations imply to all the nations, including, and Non-Residential Nepalese (NRN).
Similarly, the respective airlines will manage the refund request free of charge for the passengers who had already purchased their travel ticket from Nepal to other destinations and wants to cancel their tickets.
The government then agreed to close down all the facilities including cinema halls, gymnasiums, fitness clubs, libraries, and cultural centers until April 30. Furthermore, gatherings of more than 25 persons at a time are specifically forbidden for any political, cultural or social activities.

Writer : Pabitra Dhakal

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