19-year old Nepali tested with positive COVID-19 in Kathmandu

Nepal recently semi-locked down the country, and now gets its second COVID-19 affected case.

A 19-year old female patient, tested COVID-19 positive, is said to have returned from France via Qatar transit on 2020, March 17. On arrival, the patient had taken the preventive measure of self-isolation.

But in 2020, March 22, after facing severe cough and cold she was taken to Sukraraj Tropical & Infectious Disease Hospital Teku, for testing, which generated a positive COVID-19.

Nepal Government has not disclosed the name of the patient and her family. It is said, that the teenager, after a rapid spread of COVID-19 in Europe, has taken a flight to Kathmandu.

Dr. Bikash Devkota, a doctor in Sukraraj Tropical & Infectious, Disease Hospital Teku, said, “The 19-year old female remained in self-quarantine. She came, for testing yesterday, which resulted in positive COVID-19. All her family members and people who were in contact are in quarantine.”

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Health minister, Bhanubhakta Dhakal states the condition of the 19-year old to be under control while the government is taking charge to hold every traveler who was on the same flight with the victim.

Speaking on the press conference today, Health Minister Dhakal has asked the Nepalese citizen to act calmly and patiently. He has also requested the overseas travelers who have entered Nepal to remain in self-isolation for 14-days. In case of any suspicion, he has asked them to undertake immediate medical testing.

The Nepal Government is preparing to establish a COVID-19 testing laboratory in its seven states. The government has started collecting emergency funds to purchase medical equipment and medicine. The Government is also looking forward to collaborating with its neighboring countries to protect its citizens from the volatile situation.

Early in 2020, January 24, a Nepali national from China’s Wuhan city was tested with COVID-19. The patient has returned after a full recovery, just a few days earlier.

As per the statistics reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 187 countries are affected by COVID-19. The rampant began in China and now has made Europe its center point.

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