Convert your Nepalese driving license into NSW driving license

Do you hold a valid Nepalese driving license? If yes, you can quickly drive inside Australia for three months. But there is a certain clause that needs to be mandatorily followed before hitting the Australian road. Having an international license is really handy.  It means you can drive to university and to your workplace. You can easily commute without any hassle and according to your comfort.

But, if you hold a permanent visa you need to convert your Nepalese driving license into Australian within a 3-months time. Though, some different timeframes available based on the state you live, but it’s a good idea to transfer your Nepalese driving license into an Australian license because it increases opportunities. To convert it into an NSW driving license, you have to visit the service centre to get your license transferred to the NSW driving license.

However, drivers above 75-years old should undergo medical review and take a practical driving test. 

How to get an NSW state license in Australia?

To drive inside New South Wales with an international license, one must determine the type of visa you hold as a migrator.

If you are just a visitor, you can easily drive with your current license, but your license must be valid.

However, if you are a PR holder under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958.  You can currently drive with your Nepalese license for a maximum period of three months. Thereafter, you need to apply for the state license.

Documents required to transfer your overseas license

  • A valid proof of identity.
  • A knowledge test (if applicable).
  • A driving test (if applicable).
  • A medical report (if applicable).
  • Your overseas license translated (English language).

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Documentation attested support in Consulate General of Nepal

Consulate General of Nepal, NSW Australia assists the Nepalese migrators in getting their documents verified, translated, attested for their convenience.

a. Smart License holder

  • Submit the original license and passport. 

b. Old license holder

  • Submit an original driving license.
  • Original verification letter from Nepal Transport Department.
  • Original Passport.

Before applying, individuals must verify their letter and check their driving license status through the official site. The absence of records or incorrect records would prevent the Consulate from further processing.

The cost of license translation is $75.


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The process to transfer the overseas license to Australian

  • Gather supporting documents and relevant information.
  • Visit the service center and provide every collected information.

Fees charged for transfer of license

The prices are charged for a photocard, handbooks, tests, road, and maritime service license, testing & training schemes. For fees and charges, you can visit the official site!

Payment method for transfer of license

For online transaction,

  • Paypal
  • Debit or credit card (Diners Club, Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Union Pay).

For phone transaction,

  • A debit card or credit card (American Express, Master Card, and Visa).

For payment in the service centre,

  • Cash (Australian dollar).
  • Cheque (bank, personal and agency).
  • Money order.
  • Google pay app.
  • A debit card or credit card (Master Card, Visa, Diners Club, Union Pay, EFTPOS).

Visit the official website of NSW state to know more about the overseas license transfer

Writer : Pabitra Dhakal

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