COVID-19 update from Nepalese Embassy, Canberra

Considering the growing numbers of COVID-19, in Australia, the State Premiers have declared ‘State Emergency’ until further notice. At the same time, all the Nepalese nationals are advised by the Nepalese Embassy to take extra precautions regarding their hygiene and follow every norm issued by the regulators.

Adding more concern, the Nepalese Embassy has requested its Nepalese migrators to disassociate from any mass gatherings and overseas traveling. While to ease up the work concern, the counseling section of the Nepalese Embassy, has released press statement.

Though there is no interruption of service, the Nepalese Embassy, to protect their Nepalese migrants from the disastrous COVID-19 has released the following directives until the release of further notice. 

  • To thoroughly make use of the mail or courier service for passport renewal, license renewal, travel permit, and non-residential identification letter for the verification process. However, the individual must fulfil every stated procedure on the official website. 
  • Individual for an emergency visit, must contact the Embassy and state their reason for the visit. The visiting hours remain open from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • For an official stamp in the authorized warrant of consent letter, individuals get requested to visit the Embassy premises only when essential. 
  • An only concerned individual is requested to visit the Embassy.
  • Travelling is encouraged only when necessary. 

For any additional queries, the citizens are requested to connect to Embassy via mail or phone 02-62868004 or 02-62868006.

For emergency helpline service contact at 04-33900226 or 04-50436199 (call hours 5 pm – 9 pm).

Just before few days, the Australian Government to take control of the situation had taken specific restrictive measures. It has actively developed a policy of 14 days of self-isolation for overseas travelers visiting Australia.

Similarly, the Government had given a strict warning to the workers to cooperate with the Government to cope with the COVID-19. To ease up the increasing demand for service, the Government removed the working restriction for international nursing students and students working in a supermarket.

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