COVID-19: NRNA to help Nepalese in NSW & Victoria on emergency shutdown

As the news of emergency lock outspreads in NSW and Victoria, Nepalese migrants may be worried. Nepalese students who have just landed in Australia, with no proper insight of the city may get paranoid.

on 2020, March 22, the respective State Premiers Gladys Berejiklian and Premier Daniel Andrews declared emergency shut down within the next 48 hours. The Premiers clearly hinted at taking severe measures towards COVID-19.  The Premiers have acknowledged continuing the major services.

As a result, the health sectors, pharmacy, supermarkets, freight, petrol stations, freight, and logistic service, remains open, but Nepalese newcomers may still not be aware of the city and remain in a baffling situation.

Therefore, just a day earlier in 2020, March 20, the Non-Resident Nepalese Association Australia released a press statement to help Nepalese people located in any region of Australia.

The association has decided to furnish the Nepalese students and other residents with 30 days of basic goods. 

Considering the alarming scenario in NSW & Victoria, students living in the territory can take help from the NRNA community. Nepalese settlers can make use of the helpline service or make a humble appeal via Facebook group from 2020, March 23.

Eligibility for the NRNA assistance in NSW & Victoria

No Nepalese can randomly take the NRNA assistance. They must comply with certain criteria to make the best use of the emergency service.

A. Primary supplies to the NSW & Victoria communities

a. 30 days food supplies

This aid is only available to students who,

  • Has recently arrived in Australia.
  • Is unemployed.
  • Is living in self-isolation.
  • Has no family or relatives to support in NSW and Victoria.
  • Has informed the present scenario to the Embassy of Nepal or the Consulates General.

b. 15 days of food supplies

The aid is available to Nepalese people who,

  • Is facing severe financial hardship.
  • Has remained in self-isolation.

Depending on the situation of Nepalese individual the NRNA shall decide the package and its duration. Students can not randomly approach the Non-Resident Nepalese Association community for the special emergency assistance, they must be referred and verified by the Embassy of Nepal, Canberra or Consulate-General or NRNA Australian State team.

Any Nepalese students or migrants residing in NSW or Victoria seeking to take the Non-Resident Nepalese Association Australia assistance can reach out at 1800 954 540.

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