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Australia Opens Scholarship for Nepalese Students

Up to 15,000 dollars scholarships for international students for regional study - NepaliPage

Australian government’s fresh round of scholarship is open for Nepalese Students. Australian Government funded scholarship ‘Australia Awards’ has opened to the student from Nepal as well as other South and West Asian countries to commence their study in Australia in 2019. The award includes living expenses, overseas student health cover …

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Anxious students eying Canada for PR

Anxious students eying Canada for PR - NepaliPage

They came to Australia on a student visa, completed the study here; spent almost four years of young life with thousands of dollars and now eying towards Canada for Permanent Residency. Not many but significant numbers of Nepalese students in Australia crafting ‘Plan B’ for their Permanent Residency plan in …

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Websites to find a job in your industry

Job hunt in Sydney: Hotspot for Door-to-Door - NepaliPage

International students from Nepal in Australia may feel very hard and troublesome in early days while they approach for a job in Australia. For some it could be baffling, they may be stuck and question other really ‘how to discover perfect occupations in Australia?’ and it could be disappointing to …

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NAATI CCL Nepali gives five bonus points toward Permanent Residency

NAATI CCL Nepali gives five bonus points toward Permanent Residency - NepaliPage

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) has made easy for international students to obtain interpretation certification to claim 5 extra migration points toward their permanent residency process. Starting from March 2018 NAATI has introduced new certification process that tests and access student’s ability to interpreting and translating between Nepali …

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Planning for PTE Academic? Here are practice materials

Planning for PTE Academic? Here are practice materials - NepaliPage

The Pearson Test of English, commonly PTE in short, computer-based English languages test for non-native English speaker to validate their English language competency. It tests speaker’s skill on four bands Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. For international students who wish to study in English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, …

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Making Your Way into Business Management in Australia

Business managers work in organizations of all sizes and can go from entrepreneurs to general supervisors of multinational firms. They assume a key part in adding to the benefit and practicality of an association. An extensive variety of business aptitudes are required in this calling. A four year certification in …

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Tips for being a successful Entrepreneur in Australia

A basic key to making progress is hardwork. Indeed, there are others also which you have to center on the off chance that you need to make progress in your enterprise business. Pick your system shrewdly: Your expert and individual system can enhance your business. Specialists trust your system is …

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Setting-up Bank Account in Australia

For all your financial needs in Australia you require a bank account. Many employers will not employ you unless you have a bank account as this is the most preferred way for payment. As an international student you will require a bank account for managing your finances on daily basis. …

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Know About Phoenix Activity in Australia

A Phoenix Activity or also known as illegal Phoenix Activity is a when a company is basically created for the purpose of continuing the existing business of another company which has been liquidated just for avoidance of repayment of debts, tax evasion or avoid payment of dues to creditors and …

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