Nepalese Students in Australia can apply Diversity Visa lottery 2021

Recent changes in Australian permanent migration and newly introduced regional Australia focused visas with strict conditions for permanent residency; now a tough challenge to Nepalese students in Australia. Many graduates moved into different states to be eligible for state sponsorship for Australian permanent residency. And, another noticeable number is eyeing for permanent residency in Canada as the country going to offer 300,000 places in the coming year. With the flexibility of the Canadian permanent migration system, those who lost hope in Australia might get Canadian permanent residency with Australian degrees and skills. A third option available for Nepalese students in Australia is American permanent residency at the moment. Though it is not so easy to still nothing wrong to try for that, it’s Diversity Visa lottery 2021.

It’s available for Nepalese no matter where they live. So, whoever interested can apply for the USA green card lottery from Australia. If you want to try your luck for the American Dream, you must submit your Diversity Visa lottery 2021 form before November 5, 2019. 

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Opening of Diversity Visa lottery 2021

Application for the Diversity Visa lottery 2021 has already opened on 2nd October 2019. So you can submit your entry now, but be mindful you must send it before November 2019.

Diversity Visa lottery 2021 opening date: NOON Eastern Standard Time, October 2, 2019 (9:45 pm Nepalese time; Ashwin 15, 2076 B.S
Diversity Visa lottery 2021 closing date: NOON Eastern Standard Time, November 5, 2019 (10:45 pm Nepalese time; Kartik 19, 2076 B.S.)

Nepalese Students in Australia can apply Diversity Visa lottery 2021 - NepaliPage
New requirement for Diversity Visa lottery 2021

This year the USA has changed the requirements of the Diversity Visa lottery. To make an application for Diversity Visa lottery 2021, you must include the passport number, country of issuance, and passport expiration date on the form.

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You must know these things about the Diversity Visa lottery 2021

It’s free; there is no fee to send an entry to the Diversity Visa lottery program.

No consultants or migration agents needed.

It’s online: your Diversity Visa entry should send through government website For the application, you can use digital photos. And, there are a couple of mobile apps to help you take an ideal picture for Diversity Visa.

While entering your application, you must list your spouse and children less than 21 years in your form. If you miss this, your entry would be invalid.
Only one application: don’t send more than one form; in this program, one person can only submit one application. If you send more than one, you would be disqualified.

Use a recent photograph: if you submit the same photo used the previous year, you would be disqualified for the program. Submit proper pictures for each person included in your application and check if they meet the photo requirements for the Diversity Visa program. A big thing, do not wear glasses while taking photos for Diversity Visa. All images used for this application should be taken without any glasses.

Valid passport details: while entering the Diversity Visa application, you must use valid, unexpired passport details. You, the primary applicant, must enter passport number, country of issuance, and the passport expiration date in your application.

Keep the confirmation number safe after submission. The confirmation which you may not able to retrieve later, so keep it safe and printed, it’s the only way to know your Diversity Visa status. Keep it safe and confidential, never share with anyone.
Only you know the result: the only method to see whether you are selected for the Diversity Visa or not is entering your confirmation number at on or after May 5, 2020.

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