Nepali Page is a striving idea to bring useful information to international students as well as newcomers recently immigrated into Australia. While writing and preparing our contents and stories we are focused to Nepalese in Australia, but our contents and stories are equally advantageous to those interested to study, live and migrate into Australia, no matter you are from India, China or other parts of the world.

5 reasons why Australia is the best country to move in

Border opening for skilled workers, students delayed a fortnight - NepaliPage

We have endured enough of never-ending power cuts, sporadic strikes, and political turmoil in the country. Due to this, the number of youth leaving Nepal is ever increasing. We all are looking for greener pastures. All around the globe, there are countries which are a thousand times better than us. …

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Floriade 2016: spring celebration at Canberra

Floriade is an annual flower and entertainment festival in Canberra, Australian Capital, displaying an extensive range of flowering bulbs that are integrated with sculptures and other artistic articles. Floriade is the event to celebrate spring in Australia. This is the iconic festival organized in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. …

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