All You Need To Know About Working In Australia

As many people all across the world are aiming for better education and improving their knowledge so as to achieve a good lifestyle, this also comes at a very high cost. People are often mistaken and end up thinking that the grass is greener on the other side which is completely wrong. Most of the Indian students who come to Australia for the purpose of higher education and similar face this issue. It is often perceived that living standards are better in foreign countries. However, this is far from the truth.

All You Need To Know About Working In Australia - NepaliPage

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Though Australia is attracting many students towards itself, there are some things that a student must keep in mind before choosing the country for further studies. The living standards are high in Australia but so is the cost of living. The rents sometimes touch the roof and hence the students then resort to cheaper rent places which are often very far from the institutions they are studying in. Thus the time for commute also increases a lot. These places are often not safe and cases of robbery, theft, and street fights are more here. This has also led to many students falling in depression as they are away from their families and all this burdens them a lot. 

All You Need To Know About Working In Australia - NepaliPage

As a student, one can also work but before choosing to do that, do read all the rules and laws related to this very carefully.  This path is often chosen to earn some money so as to live in more suitable conditions. The no.of hours (maximum) that a student can work is 20 hours per week while he or she is still enrolled in the course as a student. This is in addition to the requirement of the course that you are pursuing, in case the course also requires you to have some work experience. The laws however do not guarantee that you will get a good job and hence that part completely depends upon your skills. Do keep in mind that working for more than the above-given limit may lead to cancellation of student visas. Also, there is minimum work wages: A$ 15.51 per hour. This is also revised annually.

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All You Need To Know About Working In Australia - NepaliPage

But if one has to look at the overall condition of work available for students in Australia, it is clearly not very satisfactory. Students that deal with hospitality services such as hairdressing etc… sometimes have to work for free just to have some work experience. The wages that you may get paid can be as less as A$ 3 to A$ 5 per hour. Working students also complain of long working hours. Hence it is important that one must be well aware of his or her workplace rights. Visit: for more information.

So do not fall under the pressure of earning money while working just make the ends meet. Do your full research.


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