Nepalese Man jailed for fake marriage

A Nepalese man aged 28-year was sentenced one month in prison and two years of probation Wednesday for involvement in marriage fraud. In Addition, he was ordered to pay 4000 US dollars fine. Eilove Shrestha made a barter arrangement for American permanent residency through a contract marriage paying a girl thousands of dollars. Shrestha was agreed to pay 13,000 USD to marry a US citizen Marena Mushero, one year elder than him to get US permanent residency commonly known as ‘US Green Card.’

Shrestha is living in California with his mother who runs a restaurant. “You are well educated, bright and industrious, but you went into this with your eyes wide open. You knew exactly what you were doing. When faced with the right and the illegal way of doing it, you chose the illegal way” while sentencing him U.S. District Judge Lance Walker said, CBS 13 quoted. During the hearing, Shrestha apologized for his doing and apprehended about his mother who doesn’t well in English. It is understood he was helping her to run the restaurant business.  Nepalese Man jailed for fake marriage - NepaliPage

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In 2018 Shrestha was on temporary protective status (TPS) and wondering to make his US stay permanent before his work visa expires on June 24, 2018. He insisted on four people via an online platform for barter marriage where he would get permanent residency and another party would get paid for being married to him documently. Finally, Marena Mushero, 29, of Hampden agreed to make such an arrangement for 13,000 US dollars. Shrestha transferred 3000 US dollars to the girl between June 21 and July 25, 2018, as per their commitment. US authorities knew his plan for US permanent residency while the girl Mushero was detained for a theft charge in early August 2018.

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