A mysterious death of a Nepalese student in Sydney

Every year thousands of Nepalese students arrive in Australia to pursue their dream career. Not only students, parents on the verge of providing quality education, international degree, well-settled life, invest in their children. But, the scenario of Nepalese students in Australia is completely different.

So far nearly hundreds of Nepalese students have died. The reason can be gang fights, depression, bad friend circle, drowning cases and more.

Just a day ago, the Nepalese community confronted the death of a 24-year old lad Amit Karki, who was indulged in a gang fight in Sydney. Similarly, in the same month, Niketh Shrestha’s drowning case slammed the community.

Today, the Non-Resident Nepali Association Australia Spokesman, Nanda Gurung confirms a mysterious death case of Milan Gurung. The spokesman has not disclosed anything about the private affairs, and the reason behind the untimely death.

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आफ्नो उज्ज्वल भविश्यको लागि आफ्नो परिवार, साथी भाई र देश छोडेर कलिलो उमेरमै अष्ट्रेलिया आउनुभएका युवा विध्यार्थीहरु…

Posted by Nanda Gurung on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

But has shown deep grievance and condolence to the family members and relatives of Milan Gurung. Adding more, Mr. Gurung says, that the reason behind the escalating death toll of Nepalese students seems to be due to carelessness. He also suggests every Nepalese youth be extra careful and protect their friend circle.

The news of Milan’s death is sure to shock his parents and other parents in Nepal who have struggled to send their children to Australia for better education.

Writer : Pabitra Dhakal

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