23-year old Nepali youth dies in Sydney gang fight

The incident of Nepalese youth getting into a gang fight, suicide, police arrest is no ordinary in Sydney. Every year the Nepalese community gets to hear the troublesome act caused by Nepalese youth in Australia. Earlier, the society had encountered a drowning case of Nepalese youth and today, another death story interludes.

Amit Karki, 23-year Nepali youth dies in Sydney after facing severe head injury. The deceased was identified as a student and had arrived in Sydney from Nepal four-years back from Imadol, Lalitpur.

According to St. George police officers, the incident had sparked after two Nepali groups faced a heated argument on 2020, March 21, at a pub in Hurstville, South Sydney. The row mounted further, which made the pub security personal escort both the groups outside their premises.

The aggressive group went against each other, and unfortunately, Amit Karki fell off on a  grass embankment, 3 km away on a Railway parade.

Emergency service was instantly called after Amit was found lying in the gutter with an acute head injury. Karki was immediately taken to St. George Hospital in Kogarah, in the early hours of 2020, March 21 at 3:45 am following the incident in Hurstville.

Karki was placed in life support and unstable condition for emergency treatment. Alongside this, another 24-year old man encountered a facial injury, who is presently out of danger.

NRNA concerns on the inclining situation

Nanda Gurung, spokesman of NRN Australia confirmed the news and said, “Amit Karki is one of them admitted in Saint George Hospital who died on Tuesday while undergoing treatment.”

The NRN coordinator has expressed his grief over the unfortunate incident. Through the Facebook posts, he has asked the Nepalese youth to prevent themselves from such senseless fights.

NRNA community leaders have taken up social media to find out the identity of the deceased students. While hundreds of Nepalese residing in Australia are bestowing their concern on loss. Amit Karki seems to be a popular Nepali youth always eager to help Nepalese in Australia.

Australian police have arrested the other four-person involved in a gang fight. According to the Daily Telegraph, all the four arrested people are found to be Nepali aged 27, 25, 24 and 21 years. They were made to surrender their respective passports, and are restricted to enter any international points of departure or contact the victims or witnesses. The culprits were taken to Parramatta Local Court on 2020, March 22 and are not given any bail.

Sydney police have not revealed the name of remaining arrested people, while the investigation continues.

Writer : Pabitra Dhakal

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