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Scammers claiming guaranteed results in CCL Test

Scammers claiming guaranteed results in CCL Test - NepaliPage

CCL Test became one of the crucial tests for students and skill migrants willing to spend their life in Australia as a permanent resident. As a higher point score needed to be invited to apply for a permanent residency visa now everyone pushing them for this CCL Test. Recent changes …

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Reasons student fail NAATI CCL Test

Reasons student fail on NAATI CCL Test - NepaliPage

Cutthroat competition to score higher points in migration point calculator made a need for international students to be dynamic if they want Australian permanent residency. Not a desired but essential requirements for this includes at least 2 years study in Australia, Skilled Occupation (listed on MLTSS) skill assessment, professional year, …

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Skills that help you to pass NAATI CCL Nepali

The way to get NAATI Nepali Test Sample free - NepaliPage

NAATI, generally what we understand by this is the test consists of 2 dialogues between two speakers one Nepalese and another English; we have to interpret both speaker’s statement and if we passed we will get 5 extra points in the migration process. But the actual test we understand with …

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