Starting your First Job in Australia- Know Your Rights

You might consider landing a position while you’re studying in Australia. There’s a considerable thing to know about and it can be very overpowering, particularly if this is the first occasion when you’ll be working in Australia. The Fair Work Ombudsman can enable you to get ready for your new job.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has made a Guide to Starting a New Job, which outlines the imperative things you have to know when you begin in another working environment.


The Guide to Starting a New Job contains tips that will enable you to prepare for your new job. These include:

Knowing your rights – it’s vital that you know your rights and qualifications, for example, your rate of pay, and whether there’s an honour or enrolled understanding that covers your job;

Getting ready for your first day – before beginning your new job you should discover where you have to go, how and when to arrive, the clothing regulation for the job, who your director is and whether there’s any printed material you have to finish. You ought to likewise know whether you’re full-time, low maintenance or easygoing, your hours of work and your obligations;

Knowing your obligations – as a representative, you have certain duties at work, for example, playing out your obligations, being prompt and dependable, and following working environment strategies and wellbeing and security rules;

Settling working environment issues – issues can happen in the work environment, it’s great practice to manage them when they emerge. In case you don’t know how to approach this, take the Fair Work Ombudsman’s free ‘Troublesome discussions in the working environment’ course through its Online Learning Center;

Knowing the standards about unpaid work – some unpaid work is unlawful, it’s pivotal you recognize what’s legitimate and so forth. Watch a video about basic sorts of unpaid work to ensure you know the tenets; and

Getting the most out of your new job – benefit as much as possible from your chances at work and help add to a positive working environment culture.

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Discover MORE

You can take in more about your rights at taking a shot at the Fair Work Ombudsman’s site at or reach them on 13 94. The guide is additionally accessible in various languages, visit their languages page at to download a duplicate of the guide in your own particular language.


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