Self-quarantine enforced to all the people entering Australia

Are you traveling to Australia? Get ready to enter self-quarantine for the next 14-days!

The coronavirus is threatening to cause a chaotic situation inside Australia. Today, the Australian government released a new travel measure where all the travelers entering Australia from any of the countries shall be forced to self-isolate for the next 14 days of arrival in Australia. The new rules shall be enforced from mid-night (AEDT) as the Federal Government is tackling with the corona outbreak.

Adding more caution, international cruise ships are banned from docking inside the territory of Australia for the next 30 days, until any additional arrangements are made.  Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said,

“In specific cases where we have Australians on cruise ships then there will be some bespoke arrangements that will be put in place directly under the command of the Australian Border Force to ensure the relevant protections are put in place.” Self-quarantine enforced to all the people entering Australia - NepaliPage

Further, Australians have been asked to maintain social distance, including no handshakes, and no mass gatherings (from Monday). Prime Minister Scott Morrison expects the Australian to stay protected and follow the released rules & regulations until any further announcement is made.

The new rules & regulations require anyone arriving at Australia’s International Airport to go straight to self-isolation for 14 days, mirroring New Zealand’s measures. Anyone failing to comply with the stated regulations shall be attracting a considerable penalty.

Mr Morrison has asked for public help instead of assigning any police force for the task. In a statement he said,

“If your mate has been to Bali and they come back, and they turn up at work, and they are sitting next to you, they will be committing an offense, so I think it’s up to all of us to ensure that we are in ensuring this is in place.”

International flight to and fro to Australia continues to operate, and no rules are made for the domestic flights.

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