Using mobile behind the wheel, not a good idea

Using a mobile phone for a call or text could be life threating if it’s behind the wheel. If you use a phone while drive you put yourself and others into a risk that could end lives. Millions of people lose their lives in road accidents throughout the world and another big number injured. And a signification cause for such accidents in developed countries like Australia is the use of a phone while driving.

Reckless driving propels a significant proportion of road accident and fatalities on roads in Australia. According to road safety data, about 25 percent drivers in NSW use a mobile phone whilst driving on road and more than 40,000 fined for such act last year. There is a nationwide worry regarding the use of mobile phones behind the wheel by younger drivers. To enhance road safety and encourage drivers not to use a phone while driving Australian and NSW government has not only set a hefty fine but also, advancing the camera technology to track illegal mobile phone use on roads. Recently, the government has tested new high-tech cameras on NSW roads that caught more than 11,000 drivers using a phone while driving in the month of October. 

Now, the government in NSW has introduced a radar-based sensor camera on its roads to detect drivers who use a mobile phone while driving. The camera would record vehicle details with photos of drivers who use mobile. Initially, the cameras are going to install in M4 and Anzac Parade, also use one as a mobile form. For the trial time, drivers will not be charged fine but warned through a letter, once this rolled over driver would be fined a hefty amount and demerit points.

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A driver texting or frequently replying or dialing others whilst driving lose focus and concentration from the road and traffic around. In Australia, only full-unrestricted license holders can answer and use mobile phone using hands-free tools such as Bluetooth or voice activation if they the phone is mounted to the vehicle and doesn’t obstruct a view of the road.

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Fine for using mobile behind the wheel

There is a hefty fine for using mobile while driving a vehicle on roads. You could lose 5 demerit points and need to pay 337 dollars fine once you caught using mobile while driving. If caught using a phone on school zone the fine would be 448 dollars and during double demerits will lose 10 points.

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