Nepalese embassy is on the list of shame

Nepalese embassy in Australia is listed on the list of bad parkers with owing more than two thousand dollars fine. As per the figures from the ACT government, published by The Canberra Times, Nepalese embassy is listed on 14th position for owing $2074 fine and 15 offenses. The newspaper has published a list of shame including a number of embassies violating the parking rules and not paying the fines.

As per the list published, Nepalese diplomats in Canberra are second bad parkers after Afghani diplomats among SAARC countries. Afghanistan total owed 3119 dollars for 23 fines and Sri Lanka on the third with 15 fines and owing 1783 Australian dollars. India, China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are also on the same list.

Nepalese embassy is on the list of shame - NepaliPage
As per the figures unveiled, embassies in Canberra totally owed $135,910 for their parking offenses. One unknown embassy with 259 fines total owes 42,213 dollars for a parking fine. Among the unveiled the Russian embassy on the top of the list with 173 parking fines that counts $22,761 owing fine. Embassy of Spain is the lowest fine owning diplomatic mission in Canberra that owed 67 dollars.

Here is the full list

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