Is living in Australia cheap? NO!

If someone told you that living in Australia is cheap, then either they were kidding with you or you have been fooled! Sydney is one of the most famous places in Australia and even the tourist that go there are at times shocked by the high prices. A cup of coffee, something that you probably take for granted and feel is a must though costs at around $4. Shocked? Wait till you here more. The rent costs are so high that they are now touching the roof. For renting a decent 2 bedroom apartment you will have to shed as high as $700 per week! Yes, you did not read that wrong. It is actually per week.

Talking about Sydney, a beautiful place to visit with world-class attractions like Harbour and Opera house, it attracts many tourists each year. But at the same time, it is the one of the most expensive cities in Australia. As per the global cost of living study done by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Sydney and Melbourne rank in the world’s 10 most expensive cities. Still Australia receives many tourist each year who come to admire the right mix of natural beauty blended with the advancement by humans.

But one just cannot forget the fact that many IT companies are set up in Australia thus making it a very sought after place for career as well. Those employed in Australia can vouch for the fact that the salaries are pretty handsome as compared to the other parts of the world. It has the highest minimum salary in the world of $2695 per month. So you get the idea that how high salaries can go there. Employment rates are quiet good in Australia which explains in itself that why is it one of the most sought after places to get education. With unemployment rate as low as 5%, which is the lowest in the world, people of Australia have enough money to spend and thus the high prices don’t bother them that much.

But then again, the high salaries get cancelled out by the high prices of everyday needs and thus creating equilibrium. As you move up the ladder in corporate, you salary increases to good amounts and the high prices will stop bothering you. So, is Australia cheap? No, but if you start a career and reach at good heights, the Australia experience is one in a million.

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